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    Official SKnet Wii thread

    Please do, I've been waiting for impressions from someone I could trust.
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    Christmas 2009

    Socks and underpants are those things you need to live! Tokyo Godfathers huh? I think the only Christmas movie I own is Die Hard. Merry Christmas everyone!
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    Mega Man Megathread

    Re: Mega Man 10 What kind of dorks drive while listening to Mega Man music? Oh that's! I hate Capcom Unity for missing out on their Mega Man 9 press kits. I'll be trying to snag one for this game for sure.
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    Mega Man Megathread

    Re: Mega Man 10 This is a day one purchase for me. I was kind of upset when my Mega Man 9 file got erased but that's a good excuse to put another 30 hours into it.
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    Silent Hill Shattered Memories

    Has anyone picked it up yet? It's been getting mixed reviews and I wanted to hear a SKers opinion on it. I'm forced to buy the dulled down PS2 version next month.
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    Yakuza 3 for PS3!

    Finally some good news!
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    Emergency sale! Make me an offer on Zodd 1 with wings!

    Re: Emergency sale! More statues and figures for sale Alright, some stuff sold! I'm going to keep the Lost Children statue and see if anyone is interested in my Toycom Winged Zodd 1, shoot me some offers! I'll have pics up very soon!
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    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving guys! Have a good meal! Anyone brave enough to go out tomorrow morning?
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    Adventures in YouTube

    Dropped your pants? I love this one because the guys are so confused and entertained by the whole thing. Another one of my favorites is Dr. Franklin Ruehl.
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    Hideo Kojima's Project Next

    Anyone try out the Peace Walker demo yet? Very good stuff, cool presentation, but the S-ranking the boss level is a bitch!
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    Post Wacky Images

    Haha, that's the most awkward pic I've ever seen Walter. I didn't know Kurt and Charles met, perhaps things would have turned out differerntley if Kurt would have followed the ways of Barkley? Probably not, he's probably on about 10 dimes of heroin in that pic. Everytime I see Barkley I think of...
  12. H Game Sell/Trade

    List updated with more junk! I'm really looking for Genesis/SNES games right now, Sonic Genesis Collection for PS3, and Fatal Frame for Xbox. Have a good one! I just got a nice new PC Engine Turbo CD and I want some SHMUPS! Nexzr, Sapphire boot, Spriggan, Star Parodier, Gate of...
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    What my boss doesn't know...

    My boss used to leave at 5pm which left me open to a lot of videogame playing. I used to only play when I'd work night shift, one week I put in 30 hours of Fire Emblem on GBA at work. I ended up having to reset most of the time so it was about 5 hours of progress, I hated that game! But yeah, if...
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    What are you listening to? (general music thread)

    Gun is an amazing track! When I seen them live everyone in the front row was pounding their fist to the opening drum beat, we almost brought the stage down. And speaking of Skinny Puppy, they played here last night and I missed them! Wow, I'm the opposite of you, I LOVE Millenium (Liquid...
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    Official Weightloss/gain Thread!

    I just started smoking again after 3 months of quitting, I'm really out of it right now.
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