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Forum Rules

The forum is a place for fans to discuss Berserk and share their knowledge. In order to maintain the forum's integrity, we must uphold certain standards and rules. This forum is owned and operated by Walter and Aazealh. It is a privately run message board, and all rules are enforced at their discretion. All questions and comments are to be forwarded to them via Private Message (PM).

User Profiles

Your user profile features many ways to customize how you appear on the forum. Because of the freedom we offer users, there are some important guidelines that must be followed to ensure profiles don’t encroach on forum content:

Your avatar (i.e. picture) should be a maximum of 200 pixels wide, and 350 pixels high. Offensive and graphic imagery such as nudity and extreme violence will not be tolerated.

Posting Rules

Before you post, be sure you are abiding by the following rules, paying special attention to the first three. We consider these guidelines essential to maintaining quality content on these forums.

SEARCH. The search function can be found in the overhead menu. This is the quickest way to find answers to your questions. This forum has been operating since 2001, and has an extensive archive. The odds are very high that your question or comment already has an appropriate thread.

THINK. Before posting, please ask yourself the following question: "Am I making a post which is either informative or interesting on any level?" If you can answer "yes" to this, then please post. If you cannot, then refrain from posting. Before replying, please ask yourself: "Does my reply offer any significant advice or help contribute to the conversation in any fashion?" If you can answer "yes" to this, then please reply. If you cannot, then refrain from replying.

SPELL CHECK. The Spell Check button is just to the right of the "Preview" button. Please use these features before you post. It only takes a few seconds. A lazy, error-ridden post reflects badly on the user, and generally won't be taken seriously by the forum at large. You are also expected to be using proper mixed case and punctuation.

Use a specific and descriptive subject for a thread's title. Think of a thread title like a mini-thesis statement. BAD: "I was thinking of something" ; "Question about Casca." GOOD: “Where can I buy the Berserk Trading Cards Game?”; “What Zodd meant by ‘Ultimate Strong One’.”

Stay on topic. When posting a new thread, make sure it fits with the category you are posting in. When replying to a post, make sure to stay on the topic of the thread you're posting in.

Be constructive, and back up your statements. If you need to quote, make sure to quote all relevant text, and if needed, provide a link to your original source.

Read the thread to which you're replying carefully and in its entirety before doing so.

Don't double post, meaning don't post two messages in a row in the same thread. If you want to add information or a new reply and the last post is yours, edit it by using the Modify function.

Don't post or ask for anything remotely illegal or dubious, and don't engage in illegal activities on the forum in general (this includes but is not limited to scanlations and soundtracks). Posts or threads infringing this rule will systematically be deleted. If you have doubts about the conformity of a post, please send a private message to an administrator before submitting it.

Do not disparage Berserk or its author. That should go without saying, but these days people seem to hardly have respect for anything anymore. Whether seriously or for a joke, no derogatory comment will be tolerated.

Pay proper respect to admins and mods. The administration team is here to keep the forums safe and above all, sane. Please, do not harass or intentionally annoy the admins or mods. If you are asked to do something, please do it. If you do not like the mods or the moderation, then feel free to not post here.

Be nice, especially to newcomers. Let people become acquainted with the environment and make beginners' mistakes without patronizing them. If you can correct them, do so cordially and without harassment. If you feel the rules need to be enforced, alert the moderation team. Let them handle these issues. Please understand that many people may have a radically different perspective on the series, not to mention a different political, religious, philosophical, and cultural background than you.

Have fun! That's why we're all here. Just remember to have fun with others, not at the expense of others.

Serious Infractions

This is a list of activities you should not, by any means, take part in on our forum. If you do any of these things, you may find your access to the forum restricted, or permanently closed.


Abuse Emoticons
. Sure, they're cute. We know. But, please don't spoil their effect by over using them in your posts.

Flame. Flaming is verbally attacking people or groups of people - e.g. a profession, an organization, a nationality. Name-calling and defamatory comments are typical examples of flaming.

Rant. Ranting is posting irate and normally unconstructive comments. It's normally used to let out frustration, but also as a form of trolling.

Troll. Trolling is posting to provoke others, luring them to flame or rant. Trolling is sometimes done involuntary, so please be considerate when posting.

Spam. Spamming is posting the same thing several times, or posting without any real content. "Bumping" (posting to move a thread up on the forum list) and cross-posting (posting the same thread in several forums) are examples of spam.

Fight. Taking a personal conflict with a member to the forum is not allowed. Please direct personal critiques and disputes through personal messages.

Advertise. Advertising commercial products is regulated by a case-by-case appreciation from's administrators. Do not advertise your products, website or company here without consulting the administrators and getting their permission beforehand.

Request scans. We do not support the distribution of scans en masse. Do not ask for scans, do not post scans, do not even mention scans at all.

Partake in the unauthorized use or distribution of translations. The translations our members work on are meant for the community only, to read along with the issues of Young Animal and/or the Japanese volumes of Berserk they purchase. We prohibit their reproduction on other sites or forums, their distribution under any given medium, and most of all their use in scanlations.

Hotlink. Hotlinking, also known as inline linking or leeching, is the action of linking an object (e.g. an image) that belongs to a given website (in this case, directly on a second site without permission. It's considered to be bandwidth theft and is strongly frowned upon among Internet users. When there is a need to display a file from somewhere else, we request that you simply put a link to the file or that you rehost it yourself, in both cases obligatorily mentioning its original source ( See below for more details.

Repost material on another site without citing its source. Whether it's a picture or a simple information, we require that be systematically mentioned and linked to whenever you are posting elsewhere something you got from here. Asking the author's permission in the case of a personal work (or a large amount of information, for example pertaining to the Encyclopedia) is also required. It's only common courtesy and doing otherwise is generally considered very rude, hence its interdiction. In all fairness, we ask that our members do the same when posting information they found somewhere else on our forum.


Moderation is never a topic for open discussion. If you have any questions or feedback on moderation it should be addressed to the administrator or moderator of the category via private message.

The Administrators and Moderators of this forum reserve the right to remove any post and/or ban members without warning if they do not meet the above guidelines. If you break a semi-minor infraction, you will likely be quarantined, where you will not be allowed to post for a specified amount of time. If you break the rules again after being put on probation, you will more than likely be permanently banned.

Do not post threads questioning moderation. Such threads will be removed. If you have any questions as to why a thread was locked or removed please contact an administrator or appropriate moderator via private message.

If a topic is locked or removed do not, under any circumstances, re-post the same topic or material.

These forums adhere to the rules of netiquette. For more information on the subject, we encourage you to get acquainted with such standards as RFC 1855.
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