Inoue Takehiko: The LAST Manga Exhibition

Here's a sweet preview of that new Brutus focused on the new exhibit, whose cover I had posted on the Artworks thread:

A cool pic of him working on a big painting, a huge text and a nice little sketch! FOR FREE!
An online shop has opened for those that want souveniers and stuff that was sold at the Exhibits, since they won't happen ever again. It's all limited, so don't expect the site to live for long. There are some extremely cool things.

I mean look at this:



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there was so much to take in at once! it was definitely a good read. so many things to say! i teared up on many of the images.. when Musashi held hand with Otsu, that was a real tear jerk-er(Otsu and Jotaro? say it ain't so!).. Also when Kojiro and Musashi walked on the beach together.. man. :'(

It's one thing to slowly get updated on the LAST exhibition, but to be overdosed with the end of Vagabond all at once for the first time.. whew.

I'll be one grumpy camper if Otsu does NOT end up with Musashi and instead he completely abandons her, but that sort of adds to the emotions later on though..

Thank you Griffith and Eluvei! :)


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Today after so many years I find out about this "inoue the last manga exhibition". I read it here and one manga website uploaded all pages.

I Cried man, deeply touched my heart. can't find a word to describe how wonderful was this ending story.:judo:

One of my cousins lives in south Korea I asked her can she buy one copy from the official flower website. I hope she can.

Thank you, Griffith and Eluvei!
My first actual reply on SK.NET. The Last Exhibition is a very beautiful chapter, and probably my favorite "conclusion." As I've seen, the scans are a little old and low quality, so I've been working on rescanning and scanning some pages that had never been scanned before.
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