Inspiration for The Count? Alien Parasite Scene from The Hidden (1987)


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Warning: It's gross!

This scene is in the 1987 thriller, The Hidden. The Japanese movie poster for it depicts this scene, and I looked it up because it looked familiar. And yeah, sure enough. This very disgusting parasite scene does resemble how the count transformed Zondark into a pseudo-apostle in Vol 2.



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That's so funny. I JUST recently saw this movie for the first time. I was so busy going "EEEWWWW" when I saw this scene that I didn't notice how similar the imagery was to Berserk! :farnese: Maybe it was the legs, but I think it reminded me of the Thing at the time.

It happens to be a fun movie if anyone is in the mood for some sloppy 80s horror!

EDIT: I should add that, as a Twin Peaks fan, there's something (or someone) fun included in that movie that I don't wanna spoil.
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