Stuff that reminds you of BERSERK


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Aazealh said:
A lot of people have over the years. It wouldn't be hugely surprising if Gouki's appearance had been inspired by Zodd when he was originally created.

Agreed, and it's more than his appearance. Aspects of Gouki/Akuma's "story" are very similar to Zodd's (warrior who sought strength became a demon). Akuma/Ryu's rivalry isn't dissimilar from Zodd/Guts. Which means Evil Ryu is Guts as an apostle


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The Second Apocalypse had certain characters remind me of Berserk. Cnaiur is the prime example. In fact, this very board planted the seeds of me reading that excellent series.
Hmmm... how did I never notice that Cecil (From Final Fantasy 4)'s Dark Knight design looked very Femto ish?
Oh wow, yeah never made the connection but they are similar.
This isn't as similar, but his other look also has that long white hair (in most depictions) so...

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