Stuff that reminds you of BERSERK


In terms of literature The Black Company and The Malazan Book of the Fallen remind me of Berserk. Characters like Guts and Griffith/Femto would totally find their place there.

I'm also a Warhammer fan but more on the 40k side of things (Space Wolves and Sisters of Battle) and ironically that science fiction setting evokes Berserk more than the fantasy counter part. "In the grim darkness of the far future, there is only war."

The first character I made on Demon's Souls was called Guts so that's another one that heavily remind me of the Berserk universe. I wish From would get Miura's permission and would do a Berserk game with the Dark Souls engine. It would be awesome and half the work is already done.

Movies, I have two that remind me of Berserk: Ironclad and Valhalla Rising. I strongly recommend either.



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(First, forgive my English, I'm French... I take some English classes at my university/college but it's still far from perfect)
I created my account for this forum a couple of years ago, but only now I'm making my first post. I did however read almost all the "important" threads. A very "elitist" forum, but I like that.

I wanted to talk about "Shin Angyo Onshi", a manwha (but often referred as a manga because it was published first in Japan) written by Youn In-Wan and illustrated by Yang Kyung-Il. 17 volumes, published in France by "Pika", and after reading it online I had to buy them...

Oh, you might be familiar with it because an animated film came out in 2004, covering the first couple volumes... It wasn't as bad as the new Berserk movies. A nice introduction to the story.

Sadly, to my knowledge the paper manga is not published in English, so if you want to read it you will have to read scanlations.... I know it sucks, collecting manga myself I know that there is no comparison in the experience, and the mangaka is not getting any money from it, but for SAO there is no other choice if you don't speak Japanese/Korean/French, etc...

I might actually make a new thread because I wanted to make a long post about all the similarities between those two manga.
Even if Berserk is much better, SAO has the same themes. I'd like to tell you "trust me, read it", but we all know it's not that simple, and so I have to give details. thus: /!\SPOILERS/!\

I won't get deeply into details, Ill save that for the thread I'll make about the end of SAO; because for the first time, when I finished that manga, I was able to imagine Berserk's end, and I wanted to know if other people here shared the same views as I do;
But just for a quick introduction:
The main character, Munsu, shares a lot of similarities with Guts. His past in the army as a general, his hatred and need for vengeance are powered by, to simplify, the "betrayal" of a best friend/comrade in arms/equal, as well as a woman in the middle of them and many other things.
As for SAO's villain, Aji Tae, not only does he physically looks like Griffith, but his story with Munsu is similar to Griffith/Guts.

Also like Berserk it's gory, like Berserk there is an element of "heroic-fantasy" present mixed with technology, the way story is built is similar to Berserk: the manga first introduces Munsu wandering for a few volumes in a post apocalyptic world and killing "monsters", and then you have the backstory for a few volumes, and then back to the present.

At that point, you may wonder if that manga is not simply a copy of Berserk... not really, even if many people refer to it as the "Korean Berserk", they also point out that it's a great seinen on it's own, and I recommend it if you're looking for something good, art&story wise, and finished. Because my only concern with Berserk it that I started buying the volumes 10 years ago, and as of today I'm not even sure I'll see the end someday.

Have fun reading it online/downloading the volumes (unless you speak one of the languages that SAO was translated in, in that case I strongly recommend purchasing it), i'll make a new thread later if several people have read it and would like to have a conversation about the ending, and how it could be similar to what Miura might have in mind.

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Massive screen across the street running the advert for the new Chevy Corvette and the car's logo ... the reflection on the building across reminded me of :beast: ... (the reflection to the right :farnese:)



absolute it's Tryndamere in League Of Legends :ganishka:
rage, big sword, etc...
I think he is some way similar to Guts without armor and with a viking-like-helmet :D

p/s: sorry, my English is very bad :D
I watched Dreamscape last night starring Christopher Plummer, Dennis Quaid and Max von Sydow. Cool 80's sci-fi horror circling the concept of invading dreams or projecting oneself in other's dreams/ their sub conscious mind with the help of telekinesis (and a machine) which could either be helpful or destructive. One of the monsters in the movie kinda reminded me of the Snake Baron in Volume 1. What do you think? The monster walks, has a big tail but it doesn't have the exact head as the Snake Baron.



There were other scenes where you can see the monster walking/ chasing characters and you see it's full form, can't find other pictures online, sorry guys.


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IncantatioN said:
One of the monsters in the movie kinda reminded me of the Snake Baron in Volume 1. What do you think? The monster walks, has a big tail but it doesn't have the exact head as the Snake Baron.

There are differences but overall the general look is definitely reminiscent of the Snake Baron.
It's probably been said before but Dark Souls and Dark Souls 2, the video games, remind me a hell of a lot of Berserk. They play in a dark fantasy setting and actually I'm sure that they have direct references to Berserk in them.


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MrMehawk said:
I'm sure that they have direct references to Berserk in them.

There are confirmed influences:
Oh, good so it *was* talked about on here.^^ I knew I had seen it somewhere before. I didn't know that the people behind DS confirmed it, though, I thought it was just implied from some obvious similarities. Nice to know, though, thanks.
Rendarg said:
Stuff that reminds me of Berserk? Well, i bet it was already mentioned here somewhere on over the years, but i find much of it is similar to warhammer fantasy.
I even used that to describe Berserk to one of my friends "think of it as... well, as Warhammer Fantasy - The Manga Edition"
Well ok, it doesn't work for everything from Warhammer, but for lots of it's elements.
There is of course the dark age medieval europe setting and all, but ok, you have stuff like that in many other works too. But i have to say, i lol'd pretty hard when i first read about the Abyss or when you could even see it in the background in volume 2 or 3 i think, i was like "Wtf, the "Warp"? They have the "Warp" from Warhammer in this manga? Awesome!"
Or the idea of evil, which pretty much reminds me of the chaos gods, since they are also manifestations of the thoughts and ideas of all sentient beings. And of course Slan, i even sometimes call her Slanesh, the chaos god of pain, lust and pleasure.

edit: woah, ok there was one search result for warhammer and that was my post. This board is 12-13 years old, and i'm the only warhammer fan here? Can't be :???:

Fellow fantasy fan. In Warhammer the Bretonnian army has a model called the Green Knight, which is based on Arthurian legend. He reminds me of the skull knight a lot. :SK:


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This piece of fan art from A Song of Ice and Fire books.


Art by Marc Simonetti.

Reading this part I didn't think about it at all, though the dark fantasy setting and some of other things reminded me of Berserk about the series, I didn't really think about this scene and the Eclipse faces. Kinda interestingly though, this is inside a sorta hidden area of a religious temple.


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The colors and assembly certainly is reminiscent. I've always wanted to see the catacombs of Paris. When we were there it was closed :judo:
Demons souls and dark souls come to mind. The riftwar saga does as well. I say that because the gods in that series come to life out of desire/praying or what have you the same way the IoE does in berserk.


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Got The Last Starfighter on Bluray for Christmas. It's been probably 15-20 years since I saw it, but when the Star League symbol showed up I couldn't help but think of the Band of the Falcon's symbol. I know swords with wings isn't exactly a unique concept, but Miura is a fan of sci-fi, any chance this was an influence? The movie predates Berserk by 4-5 years. Regardless, it was a nice surprise.


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Delta Phi said:
I know swords with wings isn't exactly a unique concept, but Miura is a fan of sci-fi, any chance this was an influence?

Since it's so different it's hard to say whether it's anything more than a coincidence, but anything's possible, y'know?
Greetings everyone :beast:,
For those metal fans I just found this:

I'm sure everyone will recognize the similarity. This album is obviously a tribute to berserk in my point of view :serpico:
The title "unholy savior", and especially the song "08 – The Black Swordsman".


In the Adventure Time series there is a character called Fight King. He have lost his eye and arm, and he is using various number of weapons including big two-handed sword and crossbow attached to his arm.



Somehow it reminds me of Ganishka
Similar to Guts inner beast
Last week I stumbled upon a game review for X COM 2 and forgot posting about a character from it (maan, what's it about snakes ... my last 2/3 images on this page are related to snakes?! And I'm shit scared of em :magni:)

Concept sketch


Here's what the character looks like in the game though ... concept sketch is kinda closer to the Snake Baron than what it looks like in the game



All praise Grail

Came across this old DePalma movie from 1973 and obviously I thought of :femto:
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