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    Dark Horse Releases "Deluxe" Berserk Edition

    He's a treasure trove. :serpico: It was really nice info on Sword Wind. Thank you
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    Dark Horse Releases "Deluxe" Berserk Edition

    I found this info from the past: Not sure if I can quote it. Seems like a very bad translation. Sword of wind made me think of something completely different; such...
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    Berserk Saga Project News

    Well that's just not even funny. I can't imagine Miura sitting through the whole movie. I feel like something went horribly wrong. At this point they're just rewriting the story and butchering every scene. I guess this is what happens with no oversight from Miura. At least in the last anime...
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    Studio Gaga

    Well I wouldn't think studio Gaga could be much help to the story, but the breaks are at least a little concerning. I counted 6 instances of four month breaks within the past six years. 5 within the past four years not to mention the other significant in length breaks. I only say concerning...
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    Roger Ebert revisits "Games can never be art" argument

    I don't quite understand you kanji person; are you trying to provoke thought. Unless I am wrong Ebert is not trying to deny or dismiss the medium as a form of human expression but as a form of art. Also he doesn't dismiss it because it's "new" but because of it's structure (structure of the...
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    Dark Horse Releases

    Hey if you international people want to play you can use my address and I'll ship it to you if you win. :carcus:
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    Error 8001050F: The Death of the PSN

    Damn. I think I still got my trophies but this has been ruining my netflix experience. I didn't think nothing of it last night as netflix has always been a little glitchy for me in comparison to the 360. But no biggie if it'll be fixed by tomorrow morning.
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    What are the themes/morals/messages behind Berserk?

    I'm not, probably brown or lilac tinted but I'm sure there tinted in some fashion. Sweetness!
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    Episode 310

    Hm I'm not so sure yet unless I'm missing something. This creature Guts is fighting really seems more like a big bag of flesh. The creature is not really fighting, just kinda waving around waiting to be cut. I'd agree but I hope by now and with the wave Guts is feeling closer than ever to how...
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    PS3 problem

    While in standby hold the power button until it beeps a second time, 5-10 seconds. That'll reset it.
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    What are the themes/morals/messages behind Berserk?

    I wouldn't word it as the beauty of life or the human spirit, but maybe just "To struggle; to survive." Or at least I don't get the sense Miura is trying to display Berserk in such a fashion. I could see an optimistic subtext but mostly in Guts' band. The optimism of them getting the...
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    Episode 309

    He just said that the ending wouldn't be pessimistic. But that was mentioned over 7 years ago? Or at least thats how long the search function goes back!
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    Episode 308

    Man o man I can't wait to see what kind of shape Guts is in and the effects of the merge on people. It'll seem a little iffy if Guts is the only one healed, because I'd assume if it heals him then why not others (eradication of herpes?). Although I guess he's a little more connected to the...
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    Episode 307

    Hmm. I noticed Guts doesn't have any scars on his fingers and if you zoom up real close on ep. 305 I still see some drawn scars, I think. So I don't know but maybe guts has actually gotten better now.
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    What Are You Playing?

    Oy, wtf. I hope your joking with your last two lines, the !!!?? and syntax makes me imagine your avatar at the keyboard. GI 9.25, g4 5/5, 1up 9.0(A-), gamespot 9.0, ign 9, giant bomb 4/5; I wouldn't think of ign that way. (interesting side note: the internal structure of ign games...
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