hi guys!
in the last month i decided to prepare a lot of berserk stuff and so i started doing a lot of sketches, t-shirt, drawings, and also some printed posters.
all what you see is on sale and it's hours and hours of my days, hard work and great love for berserk.

hope you like it and if you are interested in something feel free to contact me! :)



this is the first printed poster, it's a 70x100 cm (IT'S HUGE!) and i sell it for 55$ + shipping cost (printing it costed me 25-30$)

(the bottle is a 1/2 liter one)

and now the drawing of today, skull knight!!!! :)

tell me what do u think, tell me if you are interested in some work and have a nice day mates!
VERY cool man, good stuff indeed! The shading effect in the last two or even the Guts one are pretty cool. But man, Grunbeld looks like a badass in that sort of rust coloring.
brokenknight said:
I love you art, Some of your pieces may have been phone wallpapers for me at one point... :guts:

I would love to buy some of your art, should I PM you?? :???:

ehi! i read your post only now!!!
i answered to your mail!!!

glad you like my stuff!!! :)
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