Berserk: The Motion Comic Episode 3 - The Brand (Part 1)

Beautiful. Outside of the animated panels themselves, (which I think are really well done for an indie fan-made work), I think that with this project they really nailed the spirit of the manga, or at least of this particular arc of the manga. The short intro they made was simply stunning and brilliant, and the dub is excellent ad well. For me, this is far better than any "official" high-budget animated works they ever made on Berserk. You really see the difference of something made only to make money and something that is truly made with sincere passion, devoted dedication and respect of the original work. I hope they keep up the good work.
On and off, this was pushed to me on social media and I think I finally got around checking out the first upload, and quickly jumped to the third/ most recent upload. Agree with Walter on the improvement in the animation tricks or inclusion of the soundtrack for different scenes.

But, this isn't for me - I just can't get into it and have no patience for it, which's why I jumped from watching a few minutes of the first upload to a few of the third/ latest upload. There's something about the motion of the characters (constantly swaying), the pacing of the scene (very slow compared to how fast your eye can go when you read because you're waiting for a character to complete their dialog in the pace the art director has set or pauses in the dialog or how annoying Puck's V/A sounds, or most scenes linger on longer than my personal preference). It's definitely a subjective/ one off opinion of mine. I notice Guts' V/A now sounds like Cavill's treatment and delivery in The Witcher, compared to the first upload.

Good luck to their team for their effort. Another thing I notice is that their channel only promotes paying their Patreon page, with no mention of actually supporting/ purchasing the manga.
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