Episode 364

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I have a feeling this episode was completed a while ago but not yet published. I'm probably wrong here but wasn't this episode supposed to be released a while back but wasn't due to the covid lockdowns etc in Japan? It makes sense from a publishers point of view. Would drastically setback the sales if people were not going out and staying at home?


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I'm probably wrong here but wasn't this episode supposed to be released a while back but wasn't due to the covid lockdowns etc in Japan?

Nope, no such information was ever communicated by Young Animal. The magazine has been printed and distributed as usual. The only possible reason for a delay would be to time it to the exhibition and/or have enough time to compile homages to Miura sensei. However to be clear, nothing was officially specified on the matter.


Rest In Peace, Kentaro Miura. We will miss you.
I’m curious as to what the best scenes of the manga they will choose for the poster. Would love to own it in my collection! Happy to get another episode
As bittersweet as this is, more Berserk is always a good thing--I'm excited to see the commemorative flourishes. Perhaps for one last time I'll be able to bask in anticipation for a new episode.

I guess the poster they're going to release it's the same they did a while ago in a newspaper.

Maybe this time we'll have better paper/print quality.


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Well, I understand the mixed feelings of some big picture-wise since I'd also already found closure with where we ended up. BUT, that's completely overwhelmed by my excitement and gratitude for getting to have this feeling of anticipation one last time! We rightfully thought we might never get to read another episode of Berserk again, and now we will with the full knowledge and appreciation of what that means to us after Miura's passing. For my relationship with Berserk and how I've followed it with you all over the years, this is the best gift and celebration of Miura's life and work as I can think of. One last time!
I had actually been wondering recently what kind of progress there was on 364 and, if it wasn't 100% complete, was it far enough along that his assistants could finish it without significantly compromising Miura's vision. You touched on this a bit at the end of the special podcast, but the fact that this was timed to come out with the event, I couldn't help but have some hope that 365 was being worked on when Miura passed in an effort to release a few episodes in a row, like has been done in the past. I had already came to terms with the fact that Berserk was over and the best we could hope for was maybe an artbook with some notes on what Miura had planned for the future/end of the series. I'm absolutely beyond grateful for what we're getting, it's already beyond what I expected, but I'm probably going to be stuck desperately hoping for even a crumb of 365 storyboard until the day 364 releases.


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All I can say is that it’s nice to see and I wonder what will be in the poster. I can think of least five “best scenes”, but none involving the Eclipse. Not for me, at least.
Well I have been Mia for a long while but when I seen the news of the new episode I had to log in and read everything. Like most it’s hard to explain the feelings of sadness and happiness with the news. I know we may never see the true ending but I feel it would be disrespectful to Miura to not keep supporting the manga and I will as long as they continue to publish it, as many others will. Please don’t take this as me calling people out just wanted to put my feelings out there. And I will definitely try and get the physical copy of this young animal, probably the first and only one I’ll get just for the tribute and poster. I hope everyone else is having a good day.
This is bittersweet in a way I find hard to eloquently describe. On one hand, I'm very excited for a new chapter, as I always am. On the other, this is for certain the last chapter drawn by Miura, and very possibly the last ever in general too.

I would usually spend a lot of time speculating about the chapters story contents before hand, but im sort of at a loss in this case. Trying to gather my scattered thougts... I think I just hope it's a good chapter, honestly. Thats an obvious one I guess. I hope the focus is on guts, the moonlight boy, and casca. If this is to be the last ever berserk chapter, seeing them together, happy, as family, if even only for a single panel after all of this would allow me to make peace with the story, I think for good. I know we had that moment before, but casca wasn't sane at the time.

On another note, im left wondering how much of this chapter was completed by Miura, and how much needed to be completed by assistants. Will the artwork take a somewhat noticeable hit in quality midway through? Or did Miura manage to complete enough for the visual presentation to be consistent here? Personally I had anticipated that rather then a proper release for the chapter, they would have simply released the story boards. So this is somewhat curious. Regardless, I'm very grateful we`re getting anything at all. I was willing to accept anything, regardless of the format.

The messages to Miura inclusion is going to make me cry again, im pretty sure. Heck the leak itself almost had me in tears to begin with again. And the poster will be going up on my wall and never be taken down the moment its in my hands. Perhaps its not entirely emotionally wise to have a grief reminder pinned up, but I will try to see it as a small sort of celebration of miuras life myself. No matter how this all turns out, im gonna hold this very close to my heart. I'm going to try to savor this chapter in my memory. The same way one might savor the feelings important emotional moments bring within your personal life.
Feels bittersweet. Feels like a gift getting more of the masters work, but knowing that we are probably about to witness the last page Miura ever worked on, this feels especially bitter.
Figured Episode 364 was complete enough to have an eventual proper release. Hope any remaining material/sketches/art/etc. can be compiled/organized into something to like the Tintin and Alph-Art” release.
This feels surreal, I'm excited and sad at the same time, i dont know how i feel to be honest, all we can do is wait for the episode and hope for the best.
Don't really know if I'm ready to have my heartbroken again by the cliffhanger 364 will inevitably have, that said.. Shit, I'll take anything Berserk related from Miura at this point- and a new episode is about the best thing one can hope for.
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