[FS] 20th EURO, Isidro limited.

i think i probably going to part with:

zodd on horse (SOLD)

Isidro, limited edition (he is holding a rock) (i donno, price me)

berserker 20th anniversary EURO ver. ( i donno, price me)


the 20th last ver. sold for 2800$ shipped on ebay TWICE.

if you interested in above three feel free to give me a generous offer. btw im not sure if i wanna sell my 20th EURO though.... ... unless the offer price is very generous. nothing 1500 USD and below will be even considered for the 20th.

Good luck with the sale.

Did that 20th Anniversary actually sell at that price or did it just end with no bidders? I don't know how to look for an actual bid history for it.
It is actually sold. The first one sold for 2850 plus shipping on the preorder period. The 2nd one sold for pathetic 1350 on auction and the 3rd sold for 2650 plus shipping.

To be honest the last ver. Represents the berserk armor's true color very well. Which is the black armor plus red interior. Fits well into the manga
20th euro still available. I accept ur best offers now.

Also selling bell dandy holy bell statue (accepting offers):


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