Grail makes me doodle?!

Sometimes when you listen to your favourite podcast (SkullKast), you get funny pictures in your head. Sometimes you get inspired by Grail's awesome doodles and old oekaki artworks. So I did some doodle...

A while ago, you guys mentioned Molda and Schierke both having popped collars and Aazealh talked about them forming a sorority:

On the latest episode:
Gobolatula on tier ranking Guts dating behaviour
My reaction was the same as Grail. This is how I imagine you guys looking.

This one came up when you guys discussed how sexy the meeting between a sane Caska and Guts COULD have been...
Unfortunately I had very mixed feelings drawing Guts in his assless chaps (Griffith's idea), so I present to you everything else: Barry White on saxophone accompanied by mushroom band and the mixed feelings of other people/beings present...

Mr saxopan


Thank you for your effort and thoughts!


Feel the funk blast
I somehow completely missed this when it was posted! These are so cute and hilarious, Sama! :guts: The sax and flute-tooting satyrs are my favorite! But the doodle of myself and Gob was such a wonderful surprise, too. That's definitely the face Gob said when he said that. :ubik:
I'm trying to learn to draw with ink by following Miura sensei's brush strokes. This has been a kind of processing the sorrow caused by his passing.
One thing that was obvious but becomes clear in a new different way while doing this is that he truly was a master.

This one is based on a sketch I made of a photo of the dreamacape installation on the exhibition.

Before they arrived...

The healing strokes

My interpretation of a younger casca

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