Jan's art

Hey guys, I think I'll post mostly Berserk related art here :daiba:
Really wanted to color one of the 362 two page spreads, so here it is.

I decided to mainly use two colors to make the "old" god hand stand out more. I think next time I won't color anything with reflective surfaces, their chitin like bodies were really hard to do, I gave up eventually :ganishka:
For this one I wanted Griffith to look angelic. I started this one basically when the episode came out but was never really satisfied with the details like the eyes and so on. It's still not really what I envisioned in the first place but I deviated from that a bit and now it's fine I guess.


Feel the funk blast
Very nice! I love the rough texture of his hair and skin and their contrast to the tear! :ubik:
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