Max Factory/Berserk collaboration Limited Figma

Received an email this morning indicating that the pre-order for Volume 37 with the Guts Berserker Figma was shipped. Anyone else pre-ordered it should receive it soon I bet.
Yeah, CDJapan shipped mine today. I'm hoping it will show up Saturday. :beast:

I also have one reserved with Otacute. I am trying to decide if I want to buy it and try to sell it for some extra cash.
I'm in the pre-order club too. I nearly cancelled it to save some money, but once I saw it had shipped, I kind of felt relieved.
Maiku said:
Totally brain farted on ordering this. The usual places seem to be sold out. Anyone have any ideas?
Jlist has two in stock, but at a much higher price (nearly twice the preorder price). Otherwise, it's dependent on auction sites and resellers: eBay, Mandarake, Jungle or YJA at this point (it will take some time for resellers to list them, and expect marked up pricing and to pay a lot on shipping due to its heft), or have a contact in Japan possibly pick one up for you at a store. This one is a limited edition run, and sold out at the pre-order level weeks ago.

For Mandarake and YJA, you'll need to enter search terms in Japanese to get the proper listings. ベルセルク (Berserk), フィグマ (Figma), ガッツ (Guts) and 37 should work. Good luck getting one if you go this route; you'll need it!

Pics ahoy

Haha amazing pictures, thedigitalsin! Assembly looks delicate (I don't have the best hands for stuff like that). That picture of Guts-Shierke in the bathroom is eerie, sort of from an episode of Twilight Zone - "What is this place? Did Griffith send us to the future?"
That's interesting how the volume is in the Figma box. I was not expecting that.

So Schierke comes with multiple expressions? Does she also come with a hat?
IncantatioN said:
I don't think so but I haven't opened the entire box as yet.
She doesn't. I thought that might have been the case when I saw her taken apart, but mine arrived this morning.
RabidChimera said:
Anybody know if they'll do one with an english version book?
I'm not going to say it could never happen, but no. It was a special limited promotion put together by Hakusensha.


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It looks like there's a decent number of them up now on YJA but I no longer have a Japanese buyer contact. Can anyone recommend a service?

If anyone's looking for one in Canada, has them for bout $85. I'd get that but shipping from Canada to US is as much as Japan to US, heh.


my god... it's full of pants
I got on the boat late and had to preorder with (sigh*) Big Bad Toy Store. Just got shipping confirmation from there though. Never again will I miss a preorder, I don't think my butthole would ever recover if I had to buy one off ebay.
Am I the only one having trouble with posing it? Unfortunately it seems I choose to go with the most complicated one. Though it could be me not being accustomed to figures/this much agility coupled with my sausage fingers.

Does anyone know how to get that red force effect in the last pic TDS posted? When/where does that pic originate from? Was it just an early promo pic? My first thought was that its some bonus stuff from another character figure that some genius just experimented with. Since Im not really that invested in figures Im not sure but I was thinking of getting another figure with effects and experiment some myself. I know theres some Kenshiro figure out there with that sort of stuff. Does anyone know of some figure that comes with (a lot of) effects like that?
Ohhhhhhh, man that looks awesome :guts: I only have the Guts Black Swordsman figure next to my complete English volume collection. Love to add this Berserker armor to my repertoire. I also always wanted a Griffith figure which I hope to get in the near future...I think it's time for me to go find that steady job :p
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