Max Factory/Berserk collaboration Limited Figma

Hey guys, hate to Necro this thread, but I just recently got Berserker Guts Figma and wanted to share my pictures with the community.

I've been a fan of Berserk since 2007 when I first watched the 1997 anime. I had my reservations at first as it seemed very period drama, but the character development and interactions were so good it really drew me in. Then once we met Zodd I was hooked, and the eclipse had me insta-buy volumes 13-17 from dark horse (that's all that were out at the time).

I've been following it religiously ever since, but in the last 10 years, the only other media i've purchased were the PS2, and recent PS4 games.

I've been a big manga figure collector even before I started Berserk (with Kaiyodo Fist of The North Star and Max Factory Guyver), but I never rated the Berserk figures. Either QC never seemed up to par, or they were overpriced polystones.

Figma Berserker is my very first Berserk Figure, and i'm really hoping for a Ver.2 Black Swordsman and post eclipse Casca at some point! I'm also considering getting next months Void!

Anyway, here are my pictures, enjoy:
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