New Theme: Testing Grounds


Meh at large.
CnC said:
Yea, first post.
Oh I see now thanks.

*As I sit there I think about what just happend. I collect my thoughts and begin to continue my travels.*

"Maybe next time we will meet each other as friends." I say to my self.

*I walk away into the sun the rise never again to cross paths with the mighty warriror CNC.*


Ad Oculos
Walter said:
Thanks for the trainwreck guys. :judo:
I apologize, walter. Tried to keep the fight within' the thread topic's contraints. Seems I failed.

I really do enjoy using this theme, btw. Its very streamlined


Last Soldier Standing
Thats neat, the older themes were pretty cool! I like the setup of Testing Grounds but not too fond of the small text size. But luckily since i'm using Firefox I can enlarge the text :)

Thanks, think I'll use it!
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