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IncantatioN said:
Oh man ... these covers look really good. What do you think Walter?

They don't excite me. And this is the second time that I know of for the series to be re-released with new covers. After all that, I still prefer the originals. Each one tried a different style, so that even those that aren't great at least showed an artistic attempt at some fresh take on the characters/mood. And these pristine-looking things are really going to contrast harshly with the art inside them, which developed considerably across the years he produced Slam Dunk.

Anyway, this all seems like a cheap grab for attention and money -- a path of least resistance for Inoue to make a bit of cash. And why not? It's his series. But if Inoue is going to revisit this material, I'd prefer to see something a little more substantial. A teasing flash forward would be pretty powerful for longtime fans (Sakuragi and Rukawa in a college game, for example). The "10 Days Later" serial was too low-effort to satiate that appetite. I doubt we'll ever get a "sequel," despite many seeds having been laid for one throughout vols 20-31, though I can certainly live without one.




New reorganized edition volumes 7-10
The new edition of Slam Dunk ranked #4 on Oricon’s top-selling manga in Japan by series in 2018 (Nov. 20, 2017-Nov. 18, 2018) with a estimated sales total of 5,214,085.

New poster preview for anyone that bought all 20 volumes of the reorganized edition of the manga in Japan.
Takehiko Inoue will release a new Slam Dunk artbook titled “Plus / Slam Dunk Illustrations 2”. It’ll feature over 130 illustrations including 11 new illustrations & cover illustration. First print copies include a special postcard with the cover illustration on it. It’ll release in Japan on April 3, 2020.

There's a new Slam Dunk app called Talkin' to the Rim and it's available here -

Apple store -
Android store -

There are 3 modes.

Move to a large space such as park, playground or gymnasium and make sure of traffic condition and people in the surrounding before activating the device. Recognizing the floor space, basketball hoop will be shown in the screen 7.5m away from your location. Set your desired position and start. The mode allows you to view the shots performed by Hanamichi in the physical world from different angles.

From each mode, you can return to the first screen by pushing the Exit buttons that appear when tapping the upper left of the screen.

The mode allows you to view the scenes at the park featured in the comic when Hanamichi is trying his shots from different angles. PARK MODE is also available for models without AR function.

The mode lets you take shots and save your favorite scenes using the AR MODE. Image will be saved as a 5-second video which can also be shared with friends. Tap the right side of the screen and the photo shoot button will appear.
So, many years ago (around 2011, simpler times) I took the time to go through every single page of the Shohoku vs Sannoh match and record the Boxscore.

This is what I came up with:

A few things to note:
  1. I only recorded what's actually in the manga. Some possessions are not shown due to some timeskips during the game on vol. 26 and 27. The rest of the game is shown play by play, which to me is outstanding.
  2. Mitsui had a monster game. 8/9 from 3? Wow.
  3. Sakuragi had a great game too. 4 blocks and 14 points, plus double digit rebounds (we are told he got at least 10, but only 6 are shown). The game winning jumper was the icing on the cake.
  4. As expected, Miyagi led the team in assists, but other than that he had a very poor game (understandable with the matchup nightmare Fukatsu presents).
  5. Rukawa had a pretty poor game scoring-wise, by his standards.
  6. Finally, Sakuragi, Rukawa and Miyagi really hurt the team with their turnovers. That's Sannoh full-court defense for you!
  7. There's not much to say about Sannoh. They played an overall good game. Fukatsu with assists, Sawakita and Kawata with scoring and defense.
  8. As one can expect, the game came down to a few key plays by Sakuragi (offensive rebounds and blocks) and to Mitsui being unconscious from behind the arc.

Anyway, just wanted to post it so it doesn't die in my hard drive. Hope you like it!
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What great news. I hope the voice actors of the anime series are present in this movie.

Hmm, interesting. I wonder when it will take place -- during the high school years, or will this be the college years reconvening I've been waiting for the past 20 years?
My guess is that it's about their last match with the Sannoh team. But if it is a college years, that would be great. I prefer the same.
Official teaser for the Slam Dunk film -

The video's description says - Long Feature Film: SLAM DUNK (TBD) || Release in Japan: Autumn 2022 (TBD)

Inoue is directing and writing the script of it according to this article -

Just means no Vagabond for a while ... imagine if this was successful and he hops on board for a sequel/ sequels!? Sigh. It's exciting to see this fleshed out in a different format with Inoue directly on board, but it also pushes Vagabond further down the road to get completed.
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