Purpose of the IOE

Hello everyone.
I was here three years ago.
As a Chinese, I came back with my own lame Google translation.

Starting from the conclusion.
The purpose of the IOE is to create a human soul farm.
Only believe in the only god.
Unified language, religion, culture, thought.
And reject heresy, different gods.
Rejecting free will and multiculturalism.
So IOE needs candy and whip.
Candy is the ideal country created by Griffith.
The whip is the hell created by the four god hands.

Griffith is a hero and a king, he is responsible for controlling humanity.
Void is a great philosopher who controls all orders.
Ubik dominates ridiculousness, his evil creatures are unpleasant compared to Elfhelm, perhaps he used to be a judge.
Conrad is always accompanied by death and mice. I suspect he was a great doctor.
Slan used to be a saintess.

To understand what is evil.
I use some movies to compare.
"Life of Pi" (2012)
This is the story of how PI was rescued after 227 days of drifting at sea.
PI told two stories.
The first is the miracle that he and the Bengal tiger met at sea.
The second is realism. PI relies on eating corpses to spend 227 days.
In fact, there is a third story, a darker story. If you are interested, please search for yourself.

PI used stories and beliefs to cover up the embarrassing truth.
This is the role of religion.
And the meaning of the existence of IOE.
Evil can also be said to be humanity, the original sin of religion, animal instinct in biology.
If PI has no evil side, he refused to eat people, he absolutely will not survive 227 days.
When he returns to human society, he will bid farewell to the tiger and say goodbye to evil.
Society works like this.
If not harsh and ruthless man, it will not reveal the scars of others.

Therefore, Taoism believes that good and evil are two sides, which are inseparable.
The symbol of Taoism reflects this.
There is EVIL in the hearts of all human beings, and this fact should not be denied.
The significance of civilized society lies in how to guide evil to the right direction.

Then back to the story.
For the residents of Falconia, it is a paradise for unifying human culture, language and thought.
For readers and foreigners, it can also be a hell that suppresses free will and pluralistic society.
Souls approaching evil people, apostles and branded people, and Falconia people will return to "the embrace of God" after death, becoming the cell and flesh of God.
We all know what it means.
Only independent and free people, the soul after death can be unconstrained.

Guts needs more blessings and divine power to fight against the God hands.
But to maintain the feeling of the power gap.
All readers are willing to wait patiently.
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