Question about a Gatts action figure/statue


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When I was at GenCon a couple of days ago I say a dealer with a figure of Gatts as the Black Swordsman. Gatts was reaching back grasping his sword and had the "your so dead" look on his face. (head tilted down with eyes looking up and big toothy evil grin). Anyways I couldnt buy it at the time due to lack of funds and I cant seem to even find a mention of it on any web pages so that I might order one. Anyone know where I might locate one etc?



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Perhaps it was a special edition custom made one. If you can't find it anywhere, and you've searched and searched, that is generally the case. Well, in my experience anyway.

Have you tried Amazon, or Ebay?


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I remember seeing something like that at Animenation. Guts was standing on a cliff holding the Dragonslayer out and just basically looking badass as usual. But I checked there and it's gone. In fact, I can't seem to find anything about it, so maybe it is a limited edition. :-/


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No.. he was grasping for the sword like in the 1st pick but he had his head down with his chin to his chest almost and was looking out of the top of his eyes with the evil grin on his face. Maybe it was a custom job... but the price was only $14 so I hesitite to think that...


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This was the statue I was talking about, even though I don't think it was the one you saw (really not sure).


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Ohhh yeah, 'Simpsons Guts'. I should have posted the pic... Good find halfdonkeyhalfman (best name ever).


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I take it this is the one?

Damn, I'm slow.... :-/
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