Skullkast 113: Enoch Village (Vol 24-2)


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Episode 113 - Enoch Village (Vol 24-2) (1h 55m)

We start this ep with a special announcement: New mini-podcasts are available right now for our Patreon subscribers. Check out the details on our Patreon.

Our re-read of Vol 24 concludes as we depart Flora's mansion, get a detailed explanation of elementals, and are introduced to Enoch village. Along the way we debate the nature of "god" in the Berserk world, something Flora often mentions without elaboration.

Great podcast, as always, guys! I enjoyed the God talk. That's something that's always tripped me up, too. Personally, I think Flora may be using "God" the way agnostics like myself do: a sort of placeholder for fate, the universe, etc. I just can't see her referring to the Idea of Evil as God, even though its power may have reached those proportions.

Oh, and when Gobs said, "I do. The one true God of Berserk: Volkov. God giveth and God rammeth away," and Aazealh followed with "That's right. He's going to devour the world at the end of times," I almost spit out my coffee. One of the funniest things I've heard in a long time.
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