SkullKast 115: Remembering Kentarou Miura

Thanks for the podcast guys. Hearing everyone's thoughts was moving.

You're right about being around for Berserk's serialization. It's been a privilege to have that experience. But it's also been a burden, I'll add, in the sense that we're the only ones who will feel the loss of Miura-sensei. Future readers of Berserk won't feel that grief. But I suppose that's also another privilege, because it means we've had a relationship with the man that readers to come will not. We've been lucky enough to be his contemporaries.

Looking forward to future podcasts. They're always a pleasure to listen to.
Thanks guys, that podcast was very moving. I must admit I cried a few times listening to everyone's words. While the loss still leaves me feeling empty, at least we can take solace in the fact that Berserk will always be here for us and will remain a masterwork of fiction. It really goes to show the quality of Berserk that there is still so much more discussion to be made after all this time. I'm looking forward to the future podcasts and threads doing just that.

Thank you for giving us some Berserk related content that we can still look forward to for years to come.
Thank you very much. That was really heart-warming. I appreciated all of your guys' inputs and what Berserk meant to you.

After reading Griffith's post about his perception of Berserk ending, I'm coming to peace of it ending it here. My stance hasn't changed -- that it's Miura's work and if had planned for it to continue without him, it should be fulfilled by Studio Gaga (should they wanted to and had they agreed).

Another user mentioned this, but, there truly are much worse places in the story for it abruptly end. I am thankful we got as much as we did -- and we saw Casca's revival.

Berserk continues to inspire me and my work. Miura truly has been a mentor and with that, I am starting to find peace in allowing Berserk to part with him. As mentioned more eloquently in the podcast, he is Berserk. No amount of notes/guidance he may have left to his assistances will be able to properly fill in the nuances of his life experience.

I am fine with this being one of the last panels:


Berserk forever.
Thank you for a great podcast, and thank you for deciding to continue with re-reads, discussions, and everything Berserk. I sincerely believe that Berserk will live forever and through it so will Kentaro Miura. Having a place where one can come and have great discussions furthering one's understanding of this masterpiece is comforting (to say the least). So, thank you.

And here's another comment about Miura by Kouji Mori that I fully share:

"Geniuses don’t realize they’re a genius, you see. Miura also isn’t aware that he’s a genius, even though he’s completely surpassed what a normal person can do. His talent is inherently part of himself, so he can’t understand objectively that he’s a genius." - Kouji Mori
That was a very hard episode to listen to, but I sincerely appreciate y’all for doing it. I had never heard Miura’s voice before so starting off with him was both a great idea and powerful. It’s funny that we’re so familiar with him as a person that his voice sounded exactly like I imagined it did.

You all had me on the verge of tears through most of the episode. As hard as it was to listen to, a part of me felt good to hear y’all are experiencing the same thoughts and feelings as me. I wish we weren’t in this boat together for this reason, but I’m glad I’m not alone.

I think it was Gob who mentioned Miura was a god. I 100% agree with him. His genius and talent are self-evident. It might sound silly to some now, but if Miura were around in another time and place, let’s say ancient Greece, saying he was a demigod, the child of a muse or Apollo, or taught by them would’ve been as obvious a statement as saying water is wet.

That idea has helped me come to terms with his passing a little because, while him being gone upsets me, having been lucky enough to be around while Miura was alive and to know him in a way his future fans won’t be able to is a source of pride and happiness and appreciation and awe.

As far as the future of Berserk goes, I go back and forth on it. If they leave Berserk alone, I’d be completely fine with it. If Miura’s assistants knew where he wanted to take the story and chose to continue it, I’d be cool with it.

My personal favorite option would be for them to gather Miura’s notes, outlines, story boards, or anything he told his assistants about where the story was headed, whether it was just for the next episode or to the end of the series. They could add to them an appropriate amount of previously unpublished sketches/artwork and pictures of Miura and comments from his friends and colleagues then put them in this upcoming final volume, like they did the prototype. That would serve as a good tribute to Miura and Berserk, fill out the volume, respectfully leave the series untouched, and provide a little comfort for those who want the story to continue.

I have faith in Hakusensha (and Miura’s assistants) though. They never struck me as a soulless corporation. I think whatever they decide to do will be as respectful as possible.
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Amazing episode, and a very tough one to listen through. Each of your thoughts on Miura and Berserk were very moving. Especially listening to Puella talk about it, felt incredibly bittersweet…

Ever since I learned of Miura's passing, I've been feeling horrible, and as Walter said at the beginning, I've also been going through various stages of grief in a random order. And from all of them, the one that stayed the most was disbelief. But after listening to you guys talk about it in this episode, I think I've finally managed to move past that stage and I'll now slowly start stumbling my way towards acceptance.

I joined this forum a couple months after I read Berserk for the first time in 2016 to early 2017, and after I read the news about Miura a couple days ago, one of the first thoughts I had was "What about the Forum?", which thinking about it right now makes not sense, but at that point I really thought that it would slowly dissapear. So you guys saying that you have no plans of closing the site any time soon and that you'll even keep making new episodes of the Podcast for us… really made me happy.

So for that, I thank you guys. And I will stay in this forum and be part of this fanbase for the rest of my life.
A very nice podcast. Got me tearing up, especially when Puella started speaking. It takes a lot of guts to voice your feelings out loud like that for eveyone to hear, especially when emotions are running high. You all have my respect for doing that.

Miura was just so humble that it felt unreal. His story was so exquisitely written, it explored its themes in great depth, spoke so deeply about the human condition, both its best and worst aspects, and made a lot of effort to never pull its punches that it all had to be purposefully written that way. But whenever Miura spoke in whatever rare interview came up, it never seemed like he thought he was making high art. He was just a guy making a manga no different from the countless others out there. Even that question he asked near the end of that interview included on the anime DVD felt like it was wreathed in his humility. When I first heard it, I expected to hear him give the usual platitudes that he was so grateful that the Americans loved it and he is proud to tell Berserk to so many more people, and blah, blah, blah. But instead, he just asks this question, wondering what we westerners thought of a Japanese man trying to write a western-style fantasy. It was almost as though Miura was insecure about what he was doing and thinking maybe he got it wrong.:iva:

If I was ever able to answer that question back when I first heard it, I would have gladly told Miura that he was doing a fantastic job, and that was he was making felt indistinguishable from the multitudes of other fantasy stories we westerners enjoyed. If I could have answered him a few years later, once I had actually read his manga and caught up to it in the then present day, I would have told him it was one of the best. And if I could have answered him...hell, anytime within the last ten years, maybe earlier than that, I would have said nothing I've seen in the west has been able to approach it. Not even the other fantasy stories that tried to explore the darker sides of the humanity.

And even in its incomplete state, it still feels like nothing ever be able to accomplish what Berserk did to me.
Thank You All. That was painful, bittersweet and heartfelt. That made a mess outta me yet from the bottom of my heart Thank You. I am Grateful to be in the company of such kindness and thoughtfulness.
One if the main reasons I joined this community was to learn more about Berserk and Miura. In an interview posted long ago touched on the subject of Miura watching a movie that had inspired him in a similar fashion it did me. Looking back at his world, it was very evident of said inspiration and I was all the way in.

Sadly, life has kept me extremely busy (for now) but I look forward to the day that I get to catch up to it’s current volume. And off course, his passing has made me come back and share the experience with all of you. I tend to rely on music a lot when emotions are high, and hearing that a song I wrote for the fans here made me cry. I couldn’t possibly imagine that track would have been used to honor the passing of such artist... Even in this podcast. To this I say thank you... and I would recommend for you (members) to listen to the Excalibur soundtrack. Every time I opened up the manga, that was my music of choice. If you’ve seen the film you know what I mean, and if you haven’t? Though it’s outdated you will find a bit of Miura and Berserk in it.

I also would like to thank Walter, Aazealh, Griffith, Puella, Grail and Gobs for dedicating so much here. For opening up and share this experience to which we all know it’s not an easy one. You guys have been a major part of my life without knowing and it’s all because of the labor and love you’ve all put into this. And trust me when I say Miura-Sensei left this earth knowing it.
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Thank you for your heartfelt words about Miura sensei, it was very moving listening to such long time Berserk fans talk about what his work meant to them, and how much they appreciated him. Also, thank you to everyone else for your posts, you put my own thoughts and feelings into words better than I can. I am glad we don't have to go through this alone.

I first watched the 1997 anime in January 2020, and after that I immediately read (and then re-read) the manga from start to finish. When I heard a new chapter will finally be arriving, it felt like the most wonderful thing, to be around for a new Berserk release. I am forever grateful for being able to experience that, even if only for a few chapters.
Thank you all for recording this. I don't know how you kept it together, honestly. The grief is still too near for me. The only one I've been able to talk to about Miura's passing is my wife, who loves him and Berserk as much as I do. I'm so glad to hear that will continue to be around for years to come. I loved Berserk as much as all of you, but being a part of made me love it and this community even more. For me, has been as essential for Berserk as Miura's storytelling and art, so I'm glad it's here to stay for the foreseeable future.

As for Berserk's future, I agree that no one but Miura could do the story justice, and I feel like it should be left where he left it. I do hope when Hakusensha releases volume 41 that they include any sketches Miura did for future episodes, as well as a series outline (if he left one). If they don't, I hope such things will be included in a future art book released in memory of him. Obviously, that's just speculation at this point, but I do hope they release something awesome in his memory. I'll continue to reread Berserk until I die, as well as share it and my experiences with it with anyone who will listen. Take care, everyone. Hang in there.
Thank you for recording this, expressing your emotions and thoughts got me sentimental, because although our relationship, memories and moments with Berserk may differ, the love is the same. These days I came to the realization that the bond we have with Berserk will be stronger than ever. Keep it up, can't wait for the next one.

Berserk forever.
Thanks a lot guys. It can't have been easy to record that only a few days after the announcement, so kudos.

I actually have some Japanese contacts who had no idea just how popular Berserk is the West. It was incredible to see so many people united in their respect and admiration for this legendary artist and storyteller.
Thank you for this wonderful tribute podcast. I really appreciate all the words said, because I shared all of them with you. It's been difficult, and these feelings I've had for the last few days I likened to losing a dear family member. The grief is not what I expected. Over the past week I've had several friends, both close and distant, reach out to me to check on how I was handling the news. I many ways, it was comforting to know that so many people understood just how much this series meant to me. After the initial shock wore off I wrote down these words:
Kentaro Miura, the author, artist, and creator of Berserk died on May 6th. This series has been ongoing since 1989. I started reading it around 2003, while in high school, and I've avidly followed it ever since. Even while the series was on break, this story and these characters have always been present in my life and imagination. Miura's storytelling has influenced me innumerably and informed my own storytelling; in some ways even my music. I consider Berserk to be one of the greatest fantasy stories ever told. Miura's art is unmatched. And perhaps now it shall remain unfinished for all time.
This has been devastating and difficult to bear. This death feels unfair. Not only for myself, but for the world. Whether you knew of Kentaro Miura or not, we all lost a legend.

Thank you,, for being my constant home for Berserk for the last 16 years. I'm so grateful to have been here and part of the community, sparse as it may have been.

And to Kentaro Miura; I'm so grateful that you pulled me back from the depths. Your message of struggle, of endurance, of mental and physical fortitude, gave me strength beyond my own. I will be eternally within your debt, and I will cherish what you have given me, for all time. Thank you.
Thank you, Walter, Aazealh, Puella, Griffith, Grail, and Gob for recording this podcast.
Listening to it honestly felt to me like the funeral Miura deserved from his fans. This made it very difficult to listen to it for me as I really hate funerals but I do think it was good to eventually find closure. Walt, I admire your view of death and funerals but they always make a massive impact on me.

When I heard Aaz's voice he didn't seem like the ever so excited guy who could talk on for hours on any so little detail of Berserk but someone truly heartbroken. Puella, thank you for always providing so much insight through your excellent translations, I'm sure you'll continue to keep Miura's legacy as you already have done. I'm glad you and Aaz have each other as it was very hard listening to you two, take your time and stay strong!

Everyone had such a good speech prepared, I'm sure Miura would feel honored. Each of you provided us with their very personal feelings for Berserk and Miura and I think the range of topics and personal stories of the different speeches proves not only how deep Miura touched all of us with his story but how multifarious his story has been. His legacy will never die.

Thank you Miura for creating Berserk, I think there are few authors who are able to craft such a well-rounded story. I especially love the characters you created and how natural everything in the story felt and progressed. You didn't get to finish your story but Guts' journey has already come so far that I'm glad my friend introduced me to Berserk back in 2015. I'm sure you're proud of the series' current state, too. There's still so much I didn't pick up from your story that I'll have a lifetime's worth of rereads that will not only bring nostalgia but also always something new to pick up on. And if I miss anything, I'm sure somebody here on this forum has shared it already or will do so with everyone else.
Thank you for providing this wonderful website, there are so many great members here and I'm glad you want to continue the journey. I would've never believed to dig in such old posts, listen to so many hours of the podcast, and reading so much great stuff about Berserk and it's all in this one place. I think everyone here can be proud, too.
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Many thanks guys for the wonderful in memoriam of Miura, It couldn't have been easy, but it was handled with grace and great care. Everyone's thoughts and feelings on Berserk and Miura were very touching. I had never heard Miura's voice before, so that was pretty great.