SkullKast 116: Qliphoth (Vol 25-2)


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Episode 116 - Qliphoth (Vol 25-2) (1h 23m)

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The re-read continues with Volume 25 as the battle in Enoch Village ends in a torrential flood. The group then sets out for Qliphoth, where we pore over the details in the ecology and mind-bending creatures that call this dark place home.

Thank you, these in-depth discussions about the whole manga are great, especially for anyone who hasn't read the series in a while.
When I first read this section, Guts' behavior was a real surprise. With Casca being put into peril, and it being Schierke's fault (or she at least would make a convenient scapegoat), I was expecting him to either be really livid at her much like how he was when Isidro lost Casca in Volume 19, or at least very stern, laser-focused on getting her back, and not caring whether or not these kids could keep up with him. But instead, he's actually really...nice here. He doesn't blame Schierke at all and even encourages her. Only known her for a day and already he's assuming the big brother role towards her.

Aside from that, the Qliphoth had some of my favorite imagery. It seemed like Miura was really having a lot of fun drawing such a nightmarish and alien landscape populated by even more bizarre creatures. His creature design has always been amazing, and it boggles my mind how he always came up with dozens of different critters for the purpose of background fodder. The guy just seemed like he was overflowing with ideas; I wonder if he had trouble selecting which creatures of his would get the spotlight and which ones would be relegated to the scenery. God Hand knows I'd have a hard time with that.

Damn...I hate how I have to describe Miura in past tense now. :sad:
Thanks again for the wonderful podcast. These add so much more to the Berserk experience for me.

I enjoyed when the vampire Hunter D ova was brought up. I forgot about those creatures featured in the castle. I also noticed the resemblance of the eyeball pond monster Farnese slashes at to the trash compactor monster from Star Wars a new hope.

This volume and the previous one covered are probably among my favorites. Mainly because they deal with the introduction of magic and more gross creatures. Both of which I have an odd fascination with.

Thank you all for continuing these despite the difficult times everyone has been facing recently.

It gives people something to look forward to with no berserk news in the immediate future. Besides the exhibition.
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