SkullKast 125: 10-Year Anniversary Festival


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Episode 125: 10-Year Anniversary Festival (4h 44m)

We celebrate 10 years of recording our podcast with 10 guests from over those years, spanning nearly 5 hours of topics!

27:58@Walter + @Aazealh + @Griffith - What Was Zodd Thinking?
40:22 — Theresia, Once and For All
47:37@IncantatioN - Favorite Berserk Merch
1:17:26@Rhombaad - Berserk Adaptations
1:43:57@Grail + @Gobolatula - Favorite Miura painting + Tier-Ranking Berserk [Round 1]
2:16:02@m - Reimagining Grunbeld's Origin Story from Miura's Sketches
2:40:44@SpaceyLauss - Favorite Miura detail from interviews + Tier Ranking Berserk [Round 2]
3:11:45@DarkLink - Our Favorite Puck Asides
3:39:22@Cronus - Music of Berserk
4:13:47@Kompozinaut - Future for Berserk Communities + Tier Ranking Berserk [Round 3]

PS: Here are the resulting tier ranking activities [Round 1] [Round 2] [Round 3]

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