SkullKast 127: Superior Being (Vol 28-2)


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Episode 127: Superior Being (Vol 28-2) (54m)

Guts gives in to the armor to save his friends, but ends up becoming a threat himself. Our re-read of Volume 28 continues, with the fight against crocs, the Makara, and the appearance of a mysterious being who repels the Beast.

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Might be the shortest re-read podcast we've recorded so far, despite us tackling four episodes. It's paradoxical because those are some really key moments in the series, but I guess it's one of these cases where you just need to see the pages.


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I know what you mean, Aaz! I looked at the clock when we finished and was surprised at how quickly our discussion went, though I felt like you and Walter brought up a lot of good points and observations, and stuff that I had missed while doing my reread. I guess it was just one set of episodes where what you see is what you get! And a lot of sad crocodiles (RIP). :judo:
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