SkullKast 140: Duel (Vol 29-3 + Vol 30-1)


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Episode 140: Duel (Vol 29-3 + Vol 30-1) (2h11m)

We didn't record a podcast covering the latest Berserk episode (373). Instead, we recorded the next episode in our re-read project, finishing up Volume 29 and starting into Volume 30. Due to scheduling difficulties between our crew, we can only feasibly record one full podcast each month. And when the choice of topic is between the continuation and Berserk Volume 29, it's really no choice at all. I'd rather not force out some entertainment from something we don't enjoy discussing as a group. As always you can find our thoughts on the latest episodes in the forum threads. But a full podcast dissection of these continuation episodes doesn't feel warranted at this time. Maybe we'll find a way to make such a thing make sense in the future, but right now there's nothing decided. Instead, re-reads will continue unabated.

We cover four episodes in this re-read, spanning the end of volume 29 and into volume 30. That means the bulk of this discussion is about the duel between Serpico and Guts, but we also talk a lot about Ys, Roderick, the Daka/Pischacha, and Magnifico unveiling his master plan at the ball.

Volume 29 Re-read—0:07:55
Volume 30 Re-read—0:57:00

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I’m only halfway through and really enjoying this podcast so far. Great job everyone. I’m a little biased since the guts and serpico rematch is probably on my top five favorite fights in the series. So good. I’m especially enjoying hearing what everyone’s reactions were when the episodes first came out. Funny to imagine what it would’ve been like had Guts just sliced Serpico in two.
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Great podcast. And I agree the continuation episodes were getting a bit depressing, and the conversation always ends up being about how much they are messing things up and how disappointing it all is. Berserk is my favourite manga, and when there is a really bad episode it's hard not to think what could have been. the current path that this is leading to is them ruining the series and doing a lot of damage to it. I was thinking maybe you guys could talk about the good things in the new episodes? But I don't want a one minute podcast :ganishka: . But we'll see I'm still hoping for a really amazing continuation episode and then we can all be relieved in a way
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