Thank You SKnet!

I'm so thankful for this community, now more than ever. I usually just lurk about, but I still feel a great sense of comradery when I log in here. I love reading everyone's thoughts on the series and hearing about what everyone is watching/ playing.

Thank you so much Walter, Aaz, Puella, and all of the other veterans that have made this community what it is over the years.
This shit sucks man, I feel empty. Haven't been able to do anything productive today because I can't get the news out of my mind, no escape..

This is by far the best community, and as far as I'm concerned, the home of Berserk. I've only been a member for a handful of years but despite being a rookie, my time spent with you all has been amazing. I wish I was here at the start of it all. Nothing was more exciting than a Berserk episode getting announced, followed by: speculation, leaks, Aaz and @puella summary, the podcast, and Aaz schooling us on what Miura is trying to convey each episode. This site is full of wonderful people and I'm thankful for each moment spent with you all. Some of the members I met here became close friends with like @TheWillOfT , I grief with you brother. I've been checking SKnet almost daily ever since I started reading berserk, even when I'm not logged in, just to check on everyone.

A fond memory I have is around the time Walter made the discord server. The Berserk 2016 anime started and Berserk was back in serialization. I wanted to buy the young animal issue for that month because it included a Guts poster by Miura, I asked for a purchase link in the discord but instead, @IncantatioN just bought it for me and sent it to me. It was an amazing gesture to me. I still have that magazine wrapped in plastic to preserve its condition and to cherish that memory forever, a reminder of how friendly this community is.

Thank you, @Walter , and @Aazealh for maintaining this wonderful site and thank you to all the members for participating and keeping the torch lit, no matter when you joined. As long as this platform continues to exist, I’ll be here post or to simply read your amazing insights.

“God bestows upon us fate. The fate called encounters” – Flora (episode 203)

It’s so hard to believe he’s gone man, I was supposed to enjoy Puck and Isidro being goofballs for years to come, I am broken…
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What a wonderful community that brings us all around the excellent quality of this series over the past couple of decades. Patient, detailed, and committed to not steering anyone wrong on the details. Genuinely committed to ensuring the artist gets his due by policing and discouraging piracy. I doubt berserk will fade for any of us. And it's been a pleasure to share it over the years.

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I have always considered this community a great content maker .. they really appreciate Berserk .. they are special fans .. all people here i respect them and appreciate them a lot and I have know them for decades .. they are like family .. when I read the horrific news, the first thing I thought about was coming here.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you all ...
I also wanted to say thank you for this wonderful website, feels like a home base for Berserk fans all around the world. And although i've mostly been lurking here, i enjoyed everything, from your podcasts (love Walter's calm voice btw.) to reading your theories and discussions of the latest chapters. That was always fun and enlightening because there was so much stuff you guys figured out and i was often mind blown by everything.

Special thanks go out to Walter who made this all possible, Aazealh who shared his insights and great Berserk knowledge with us fans, the wonderful Griffith who always made me laugh when i listened to your podcasts. Seriously, you're very funny. Puella, for doing these awesome translations, all those amazing artists at the art station, i so love Lithrael's and CnC's colorings. Of course, also Grail who did these funny artworks. There are so many here in this amazing community, you're all wonderful people. And as a collector of Berserk stuff (just bought the Prime1 Griffith this year and i'm planning to get Casca and Guts too) I really enjoyed to see all those big Berserk collections. There were many times where i really struggled with myself not to buy any more merchandise because my husband was already complaining about it.

Just thank you for a good time and providing a home for all Berserk lovers. I still hope that we get to see the Berserk exhibition this year or some day in the future, which would be a perfect meeting place to meet some of you guys. Arigatou.
As someone who joined this community in the last couple of years, better late than never huh, it was truly a wonderful time and i hope it keeps going strong! I'll keep on contributing in the best way i can, with my fan art.
As someone who joined this community in the last couple of years, better late than never huh, it was truly a wonderful time and i hope it keeps going strong! I'll keep on contributing in the best way i can, with my fan art.
plz you and countless others inspired me and hope to show tons of berserk stuff/art in soon time ...
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