The New Picture Thread

Here's a few new(er) ones of myself. :serpico:

Your Excellence :carcus:

Years ago at prom, look at the beast in action! :isidro:

Me at work

Contemplation of C :void:

My favorite shirt :guts:

Nine days after I bought my car, my sister bought one just like it, and here we are. :troll:
to anyone else who has had recent issues with seeing the article (cause the shitty local paper may have just decided to require a subscription???), here i be:



Ad Oculos
Vampire_Hunter_Bob said:
I was in the Military's news paper, The Stars and Stripes, when I was in Iraq if anyone cares. :judo:
Yea I remember that pic. Why you gotta jump in Rane's spotlight? :troll:


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Uriel said:
Japanese karaoke is the best.

Mostly for the obscure, yet epic song choices
Hahaha wow. I'm still waiting for someone to record a fixed version of this song, one in which the guitarist wouldn't have a broken hand. :guts:
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