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March of Flames said:
Yeah, I didn't mention that was my g/f because I didn't really think much about it. That second picture is the only one I have that looks like me at the moment (if I had one of just me I would have posted it to avoid confusion :serpico:)
Dude grow your hair back.

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handsome rakshas said:
Good then maybe you can fix my Hori Sega Saturn Fighting Stick. I did a horrible mod on it and I can't get the wiring right!
Haha. I have a friend who is great with wiring, soldering, and creating cases. I, on the other hand, am good at doing more simple tasks (e.g. installing pushbuttons, JLF's, swapping wires). I'm working on one mod now (for Fighting Games) and having a friend help me on creating a complete stick from the ground up for "Shmups." I'll post either as I finish if you'd like.

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Had the custom TE stick mod finished up this weekend. Really big thanks to Griff for helping me out with this photoshop project. m(_ _)m If you guys enjoy this, be on the lookout for the complete custom stick on the way later this year that will be fully built from the ground up (read: wood case, buttons that have LED light-ups on push, nice design, et cetera).

I never said I was good at taking pictures (read: patient) or that I had a good camera. :troll:


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Oh, I also forgot to mention for anyone who is interested in the minor specs. I removed the 8x Sanwa and replaced with plexi and 6x Seimitsu PS-14-KN Clear push buttons. The stick is a square gate (for now) Sanwa JLF.


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Oh wow, is that actually the same image I 'shopped with the text added on the bottom, or did you find another source? In either case, it came out nice.

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宮本 グリフィス said:
Oh wow, is that actually the same image I 'shopped with the text added on the bottom, or did you find another source? In either case, it came out nice.
Now, Griff, would I do that to you after all that hard work? It's the image you 'shopped just with the added white text. Again, I appreciate it!
Aazealh said:
Looking good. How's the progress on your sword?
Well once I get the lathe here up and running, get my power hammer foundation made, and finish my blaster cabinet and buy an air compressor and install it, I should be able to start making blades. When I actually forge Berserker it'll probably be using a very large cable Damascus or just regular Damascus billet. I'll then have prebuilt a very large custom belt grinder which I will use to grind the billet into shape. Then weld on the mild steel handle as mild steel is tougher I'd use it for the handle. Then heat treat and build a massive tempering oven. Theres a lot more to it than this but thats the jist of it. It'll be a little while lol. I'd need to make a lot of regular swords first.


I'll be back.
I went to buy some beer today at the store. I got some St. Pauli beer and it seems the new St. Pauli girl is there and they gave me a bunch of free merchandise and a free pic.

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