The original cast will return for the English dub of the Memorial Edition

Crunchyroll announced that the original cast would return to do the English dub of the Memorial Edition!

I have to wonder what it’s like to do the Golden Age AGAIN, but I’m also happy that the same company that got a new cast for the 2016/2017 managed to do right this time
I wonder if it'll reuse the old dub except for new scenes or if it'll be like the Amazon dubs of the Eva rebuilds where the same actors do the same material all over.

In any case, that was about the only thing that'd get me to actually watch the memorial edition, so I'm happy.
IIRC its also (mostly) the same cast from 97
By and large, yes. Corkus' '97 VA retired between the series and movies, but the guy who took over for him is the guy who took over all his other roles. Slan and Ubik were recast, but with very good soundalikes.

But ultimately, thank goodness. I don't know if they're reusing the dub from the movies and saving money, but at least they didn't grab the 2016-17 dub cast. That would've been a dark day
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