This is my Announcement!

I would be a mod.  And I'd rule this board with an iron fist >:(.  Anyone caught being stupid would be fucked over at least 10 fold. Wait, only admins have that kind of power.

I wouldn't want to be a mod...........yeah I would, but not a mod of the trash can ;D.


God-Emperor of the llamas!
Trench said:
Well, I have officially deleted my own Super Apostle account at the band of the hawks...
As long as you've still got your KoL account...

Sparnage said:
Been going through the "Skull lord, the flaming Admin" thread. Ahhh nostalgia!  ;D
Oh that was so much fun.  Definitely my pick for "Best...Thread...Ever!"

Aazealh said:
And you haven't read his deleted posts ;).
True.  It's a shame those posts are gone. :(  Watching it all unfold online was great.

"Griffith No More!" said:
I'll say, that thread is awesome! It's like the annotated study of Skull Lord. Look how they worship me; they fear my power and love to hate me, and for this reason I am their God. 8)

I think I should start acting more like an asshole again and less mild-mannered, I was much cooler back then. =)
Is Skull Lord finally coming clean?  This almost sounds like a confession. ;)


Jesus cries when he looks at me.
Jon the Madman said:
There is no cure for this plague of stupidity. I don't think anyone in their right mind wants to be the mod of this hell hole.
Yesss... If we had a skull lord, then things would be interesting again. On the other hand, theres skull LARD, who can be... er... representing the same idea.

Then theres always xechnao or another 2 doller schmuck, who, if not agreed with, will silence whoever speaks against him. They must always be right! The pain and anguish of others will certainly make my board life much more interesting.
Muad'Dib said:
As long as you've still got your KoL account...
Yeah, I do. Dont play though. haha. Polaris uses my character to PVP people who beat him and move up a level. My Disco Bandit is a fuckin kick ass level 16 though. Its funny to log in and see that I've won all my fights, without even fighting ;D
The saddest part of that thread is that a few of the guys actually thought the new skulllord was cool after that;
::cowers before the awesomeness of our new skull lord::

DemonX said:
Its quite funny actully. The hawks are famous for copying shit, and that Genn guy lives up to a hawk's name.
Oh well, for what it's worth I nicked the glowing brand and made it my new signature pic from some guy over there. ;D
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