Time line suggestion

I was reveiwing the timeline and I thought ,"hey wouldnt it be nice if there are indications of what volumes are when" I think it would help people visuailze the timeline better

in any case just a suggestion ^^


This journey isn't ov--AARGH!
Not a bad idea, actually. However, the images that are posted next to the times give enough of a hint as to where it happens in the serialisation.


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It'd be complicated in areas with flashbacks and whatnot. It would look pretty convoluted in the end. And really, the only real function it would serve is to orient people who aren't very familiar with the series, in which case, they shouldn't even be reading the Timeline. :void:

It's something I've considered, especially with the kill roster. But ultimately, like I said, most people who are on the forums know the volumes in and out, so it'd just be superfluous.
Yeah I was kinda thinking that its really only be for people that are unfamiliar.
Ive been getting about 5 or 6 friends into berserk so the timeline helps when the come to me confused but, your right.
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