Upcoming Gecco Berserk statue - 2015

Good news, everyone!

I was talking with Shinya Akao-san (known as Headlong sculptor) about his great kits and this is what he told me:

Berserk Kit can not be acquired copyright only in the event, I can not sell directly.
I'm sorry, please understand.
But I am making the Berserk Statue at the request of Gecco Corp.
Because it is scheduled to be released next year, please expect.

Thank You.
The only Gecco works I know this far are Pyramid Head statue and Metal Gear Rising statue. I also saw a few Naruto prototypes and their quality above the average.
I hope we will see promo at upcoming Wonder Festival in February.
Simply great news. Gecco until now produced pretty good statues and they also have good prices.
I just can imagine a great outcome, since headlong will sculpt Berserk related stuff for Gecco.
It was about damn time that other companys like good smile company and geeco corp. jump into the business of producing Berserk Statues.
This is a bit offtopic but Gecco just opened preorders for Metal Gear Solid: Revengeance Raiden figure, and he was scultped by Headlong. This is PVC version of his kit and this can give us some hope for PVC release his infamous Berserk kit. Also, his Cobra kit was released in vinyl earlier.
And here is Raiden, holy moly he is just gorgeous.

Well for figures I'm using amiami shop and they opened orders not so long ago (or put it on a home page not so long ago). Anyway the point is that mass-produced Headlong statues using the same sculpt as his kits so far, so we could actually get some of his Berserk statues in PVC.
Annnnnnd here it is!


My initial impressions...

1) MANNNN the same ol' pose again!!! C'mon give me something new!!!
2) Some of the angles it looks great (like the profile view), but some of the front angles I feel like the face is a bit too wide. I think I may actually prefer the alternate face. But hard to tell with the pictures they gave us.
3) I think my favorite thing about this piece is the pouch with Puck! Hahaha!

Other details is it's PVC, roughly 35,800 - 39,800 yen, 1/6 scale (38 cm), and due in September 2015.

Overall, I think Headlong could definitely have done better... But I think I'll be getting one still. That's just me, though...

PS One thing to note. That MGS statue posted up above is also 1/6 (32 cm) and retailed for 20,400 yen. This Guts figure is almost twice the price... Berserk inflation again???


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Everything but the face looks pretty damned solid, to me. And I also appreciate the attention to detail, adding Puck and Becchi peeking out of his satchel.

But why are there multiple faces? (http://www.mamegyorai.co.jp/images/items/405478-w300.jpg & http://www.mamegyorai.co.jp/images/full/405478-8.jpg)
Thanks for posting that....I think it looks pretty darn good actually in terms of the details.....pose is nothing dynamic or new but I kind of think AOW has most of Gut's typical poses covered by now so not very let down. Agreed the face is a bit wide but IMO still looks good....you have to remember Guts is a muscle fiend so having a bit of a wider face doesn't really distract from the statue IMO.....despite the fact his face is a tad slimmer in the manga. Overall....I'm buying it for sure.....love the details on his skin.
Thanks for the update, excellent scale! Agree with everything said in the posts above.

Although yeah, it could have been cheaper like the MGS statue. Perhaps the Guts statue is more expensive because it would take them weeks to forge individual Dragonslayers for every order :troll: or they were thinking "Hey, we're giving them 2 whole characters. Why charge for 1?!". Or it's the other head.

Walter said:
But why are there multiple faces? (http://www.mamegyorai.co.jp/images/items/405478-w300.jpg & http://www.mamegyorai.co.jp/images/full/405478-8.jpg)
I like the option of the other head because it's the first time we've seen that sort of expression on a Guts statue compared to what AOW's put out so far. Can't help but chuckle when I see it. The brand's bleeding and he's got that maniacal grin.
Ah guys you were faster again (damn it was 3AM) :ubik:

So he is huge, around 40cm. Same old pose yes, I already have 2 of them in this pose (and I pose my figmas like that too), the quality is superb at the pictuers. The face is actually good but eyebrows messing it a bit. Second face looks awkward.
Here the link from Gecco, translated from moonspeak: http://www.gecco.co.jp/sheet/sheet-guts-en.html

Oh and yes I'm really upset that it is not his infamous kit (sitting on a rock). Really, really upset.


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Great statue. Face looks perfect to me. It might be the same old pose, but it's the first time it's done right as far as I'm concerned. I'll gladly welcome it into my collection. :guts:
Yes, me too; I really like it. There is a ton of details, the base is excellent (HEADLONG is the best when it comes to Berserk), everything looks great. I've already pre-ordered it. :guts:
Pre-ordered this instantly. I like the attention to detail, and I think a bulky Guts is better. I think the face is great, and seeing as AoW has done this pose a million times in smaller scale & worse for 3 times the price - I think this is a steal. I recommend buying stuff like this through retailers like ami-ami, because they usually give a 20% discount.

Case in point:

I will be very cautious when it comes to buying statues, because it's getting out of hand, but I can see myself buying Human Zodd from Gecco if they keep this up. I seriously need Revelations Zodd in my life.

Looking at the Guts & Zodd bust (also from Headlong) I do think those are better portraits, but it looks like we're getting a slightly westernized Guts with this one, which I don't mind. We could have gotten Baby face Guts from the movies, which would have been atrocious (imho).
i'm trying to like it but the posture is really weird - he's leaning back/looks like he has lordosis
also the single dot on the eyeball is bothering me


like is it just me, am I overthinking things>?

I think i'd have a shitty back myself If I was lugging around a sword that requires several men in order to even lift.

From that angle it looks a bit odd, but other than that, the pose looks fine from other angles. I mean, if you don't like it you don't like it. simple as that. For anyone who dabbles with AoW it might seem "cheap", but it is a substantial amount to put down for what is, at the end of the day, decoration. If you don't feel 100% confident in buying it, then I highly recommend that you don't.
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