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Aphasia said:
Fantastic photography. I love the backgrounds. I think that approach is a big improvement to a cloth backdrop. Very clean. It looks like you snuck over to take some photos of guts while he was passed out. :guts:
Hey Aphasia! Actually, John takes all those pictures for the kits. Haha, I wish I had his photo skills =). He has a pretty slick photo set up too. I tried to find a picture of it on his website, but I think he took it down. Man, back in the day when I was taking photos of the AOW stuff with the red background... my camera and lighting sucked, you wouldn't imagine the stuff I tried to do to figure everything out. I wish I could retake all the photos again, now that I have a better camera... but that's just too much work, hehe. My AOW section is pretty outdated anyhow. I haven't updated that section in years since everything is now listed on AOW's website (and their photography has gotten pretty good too).
Thanks for the comments guys!

IncantatioN said:
Are these kits still available or they're old school out of print aka hard to find!?!
They are quite old, actually. But they pop up on Yahoo Japan fairly often. At least 2 or 3 times a year (which is fairly often). You shouldn't have a hard time finding them. Go get get!! :serpico:
hi derik i knoe it is kinda wierd for me to ask but do u have any new reviews for the new statues and any new projects going on with your collection?
So I haven't updated this thread since 2011, but just wanted to let everyone know I started a berserkstatues instagram account! Yeah... talk about 5 years late lol.

Please follow if you'd like! I'm more likely to update my Instagram than my site because of convenience (aka I'm too lazy :schierke:). Here are some pics I've posted so far!


rockvoanjd said:
What’s the little Schierke statue from? Fan made, garage kit? Looking forward to Prime1s Schierke, I’ve always wanted a statue of her.
Honestly, I'm not sure who made it. I saw it on Yahoo Auctions Japan a few days after 2016 Wonder Festival and just picked it up. It is a painted kit (resin). And yes, I cannot wait for more Schierke stuff! She needs more representation!
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