Berserk Movie 1 Abridged

HBI2K's work(the guy who did the original berserk abridged series)

Movie 1




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Had to stop watching at the Donovan rape joke. Pretty distasteful. At least he encourages people to support the series.


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I don't recall ever really thinking the first abridged series was funny. Like, at all. :femto:

In fact, the only abridged series that I ever thought was funny was Yugioh, and I've never actually seen the original series (or played the game; a little after my time I guess) so I'm sure some of the humor was lost on me.

Looks like I'll be skipping this one after reading Gummy and Walter's comments.


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Gold. Loved it. I recall really laughing hard at the abridged tv series and had no idea about this one.

I loved the music and use of the tv series soundtrack. I even loved how they played berserker by love among freaks during the credits. I used to try and turn college roommates and suitemates on to Berserk and one had the berserker shirt and always sang that damn song when I brought it up. That's how I ended up watching clerks for the first time.

I'm easy to please when it comes to parody. For example, I couldn't breathe when I first saw and heard Uno by Metallique
I actually rather liked the original Berserk Abridged. I thought it was amusing that he constantly poked fun at the comic book geek community. I loved his voice work for characters such as Minister Foss, and "Phil" (if any one remembers that :ganishka:) and him voicing Casca and other female characters. I noticed that he got an actual girl to voice Casca this time. Not sure how I feel about that, but she does sound a bit like Casca's dubbed voice. Actually I think HBI2K is only voicing Guts and Griffith this time around.

One thing I am wondering about this version of Berserk abridged is what he is going to do for the eclipse. He found a way around it in the original Berserk abridge series which I was actually pleasantly surprised at. Reading his comments on the subject it seems he is not going to avoid the repercussions of the eclipse like he did the first time around.

And yeah...the Donovan rape joke made me cringe...not too cool on his part...also a bit on the racist side as well. And his "she is definitely going to...get it!" has me slightly worried on how he is going to handle that part...
another berserk abridged video I found but this one is for the second episode of the original anime series. Thought the soundtrack was cool


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As a huge fan of Team 4 Stars "Dragon Ball Abridged", it was fun to hear some familiar voices like hbi2k, Lanipator, Takahata101, Kaiserneko, LittleKuriboh, Antfish, etc...

But I agree that it wasn't their best/funniest work...
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