Jiniyas' Fanarts & master studies


The bald swordsman
I've been doing Berserk fanarts, master studies and Berserk contests for most of this year. Sharing some of them here. I'm having trouble uploading the images directly into the thread so I'll just share links to them. Hope you like it.
1) Crashing of the dream FANART

2) Bonfire of dreams FANART

3) The Bald swordsman FANART (made this recently with my own face after loosing a bet on my fb page. Holding another Berserk contest there right now)

4) There where the light does not reach MASTER STUDY
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Feel the funk blast
Guts is looking like he is holding down the roughest office job ever...

Enjoying your stuff, Jiniyas! I feel like there's a lot to learn from Miura's work, and putting your own spin on it is fun too. :guts:


The bald swordsman
Thanks man. I hope to keep making more of these. And i feel the same about Miura, that's why i chose his work to improve my inking skills.
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