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Following Walter's commemorative thread about our community's history over the last 20 years, a few members shared their nostalgia about a Flash-based chat room we used to have. That was enough to prompt us to implement a new chat room (and a much better one at that), which is now live on the forum. While we'd created a Discord channel a few years ago, it just wasn't the same as it didn't interconnect with the forum and so usernames and the like didn't carry over.

This new chat is deeply tied to the forum software: members, posts, notifications, likes, everything is shared. It is also directly integrated into the sidebar on the right side of the forum, below the recent posts, in addition to being accessible as a full page via the top menu. We hope that chat room will provide the community with a new way to discuss everything Berserk-related in a light-hearted fashion, especially for those members for which making a post can feel like it's a little too much pressure. It will also be an outlet to get information and reactions by-the-second whenever a new episode comes out. Since we're launching this new software, we're also sunsetting the Discord channel, effective immediately. Given how little use it got we believe no one will miss it.


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Is there a way to make the sound notification work while I'm browsing in other websites? It only works when I'm in SK. I have every notification enabled minus the bot.

EDIT: Already resolved with Walter in the spot. The sound notification will not work when browsing outside of, but mention (@) notifications will show up in the tab, so that's good enough. Thank you!
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