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Current Episodes / Re: Episode 324
« on: July 26, 2011, 02:31:54 PM »
Guts never lose a chance to show like impolite he is
 Indispensable in formal meals, in other occasions fish can be eaten with a fork, while a piece of bread can help out. "The knife, never! - states the Englishman horrified - Fish cut with a knife takes a bad smell".
And that is valid even if you wield a overgrown knife (pag.10)

Speculation Nation / Re: Will Isidro enter the lair of the Sea God?
« on: July 06, 2010, 08:14:46 AM »
he will realize that he has wandered in the wrong tale
(namely The shadow over Innsmouth)
and he will run back to the safer pages of young animal

Current Episodes / Re: Episode 287
« on: July 23, 2007, 12:42:36 AM »
Thinking about Guts' scars again, isn't it strange that while his whole body is scarred from burns, his hair remains intact? Maybe it's a good sign that his wounds aren't that serious... :badbone:
Scars on the whole body are heroic and cool. Missing hairs aren't. You wouldn't have Guts running around with a wig wouldn't you ?  :P

Shootin' the Breeze / Re: FIFA World Cup 2006
« on: July 15, 2006, 01:37:27 PM »
  But of course, the most memorable event was Zidane's head.  Dude got hit by a bus.

Yea but it was the wrong game like you can see

Current Episodes / Re: Episode 276
« on: July 15, 2006, 07:31:45 AM »
Was thinking more of a wedding crashers type scenerio..

 :zodd: : Some people say we only use 10% of our mind... I think we only use 10% of our heart!   :carcus:
Right you are. But in Guts instance he was using, scarcely, the 1% of his mind. I mean to remain to look open mouthed to the fight bethween good old Gany  and Zoddie and not thinking that, maybe, he could take advantage of their fight to reach some place safer, with no warnings of:"Beware:falling Zodds" was surely not the more intelligent thing to do   ;D ;D ;D ;D

Shootin' the Breeze / Re: Fans of other anime/mangas?
« on: March 25, 2006, 01:09:24 PM »
Today I am reading Devil Lady of Go Nagai.They have also made an anime out of the manga even if the story is different
News about the anime  can be find here:

Current Episodes / Re: Episode 268
« on: January 30, 2006, 09:05:15 PM »
why Daiba should kill his own men when they are winning? It is possible however that behind the karma fire wheel there is someone on Griffith side. A good opportunity to kill two birds with one stone.

Shootin' the Breeze / Lex Luthor II, that is me
« on: January 28, 2006, 09:57:23 AM »
I just received this e-mail (honest, I am not kidding)



Dear Sir,

With much sincerity of purpose, we make this contract with you after
Satisfactory information we gathered from the Chamber of Commerce here in
Nigeria though we did not disclose the nature of the transaction to them,
believing that you will provide us a feasible solution to job / services
rendered for the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation [NNPC] by Foreign
Companies, although it might be a surprise to you, it is my sincere pleasure
to intimate you with this confidential business proposal, which will
certainly benefit all of us involved.

I am a Senior Accountant with the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation
Headquarters, Lagos. I have decided with some colleagues in the Central Bank
of Nigeria [CBN] and The Federal Ministry of Finance to contact you secretly
on this business for the arrangement of transferring the sum ofUS$25.5M
[Twenty Five Million Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars] only to
your Company or Personal Account though the Central Bank of Nigeria with her
Off-shore payment centre affiliated to world associations of debt
.management offices (WADMO) finance house , Cotonou Republic of Benin .

However, concrete arrangement have been made to remit the Fund successfully
into your account. This money emanated from over invoiced contract awarded
to a foreign firm. The contract was executed in 1998 and the exact amount
has been paid to the initial executor of the project, remaining the above
invoiced amount.

Being Government officers, we are prevented by the law from operating
Foreign Bank Account while still in the Government Service, hence the need
for your assistance.


1. IN OUR ACCOUNT: We shall secure payment approval from relevant offices
here, for the release of the contract sum in favour of your Personal /
Company's Account, with the Information we shall require from you, we have
already concluded arrangement to secure a Fast Approval so that the Fund
could be transferred within a period of 7 working days.

2. YOUR GOOD - SELF: You are expected to furnish us with necessary
instruments to remit the money, via the Name and Address of your Company,
Name and Address of your Bank and your Bank Particulars for easy transfer,
most importantly, you should ensure that the minimum tax is paid [if any].
On arrival of the Funds, you will be expected to advise us on Investment
Plans since we do no intend bringing the whole part of our owned share back
to Nigeria.

3. TERMS AND CONDITION: For rendering these services, we have decided that
30% of the Total Fund is given to you 65% will be for us [Nigeria Group] and
5% will be kept for all miscellaneous expenses. This transaction is 100%
risk - free; you need not to be afraid. However, it requires your maximum
cooperation, serious mutual trust, honest and absolute confidentiality. To
avoid jeopardizing this transaction and the position of the Government
Functionaries involved.

Please, let me know your position through this E-mail address as soon as this gets to you, also include your direct
Tel/Fax number and E-mail address for easy communication. Details are
reserved until we hear from you.

Yours Sincerely

Current Episodes / Re: Episode 263
« on: October 15, 2005, 08:27:51 PM »

The big question would be "why isn't he part of the Hawks anymore?" for someone like Owen, since their disappearance was never linked to the red lake. From these guys' point of view, Griffith and his troops could have gone into hiding for a couple of years, and are now coming back to protect Midland. Both BiQ-- and Jhot obs have plausible question possibilities considering this.

It could vary from "Are Griffith and the Hawks nearby?", "Did you come to help protect Vritannis?", "So the Hawks are really back to defend Midland!" to "What happened 3 years ago?" or "The Hawks have supporters in Midland"... Whatever it is, it should prove to be interesting.
Owen was saved in the demon city from the attack of a elephant man and a croc man thanks to Irvine and Locus and now  Guts saved him and the other nobles from the tigers . Also Locus promised that soon Griffith would have defeated Ganishka once and for all. The more logical thing for him is to think that Guts too was sent by Griffith. Maybe he will, without realising it, reveal to Guts the little that he knows about Griffith and his plans

Current Episodes / Re: Episode 263
« on: October 09, 2005, 08:18:35 AM »
It is only me or to someone else too Ganisha attack remembers Pearl Harbor? I mean the sneak attack and the declaration of war after the attack the port in flames etc. ?Also the great boat that Schierke saw at the port (episode 245 page 18) remembers me the battleship Yamato

Shootin' the Breeze / Re: The new saint
« on: October 01, 2005, 07:35:28 PM »
What`s so saint-like about this?  :???: It simply sounds as if she has some kind of brain-damage.
The point is that she was so brainwashed from the media that while even her husband and children did fade to nothingness the figure of someone (Berlusconi) that had made out of self-advertising an art did remain indelibly printed  in her mind even after massive brain damage (Just like if Berlusconi was a saint that did a miracle to accomplish this). It is really frightening that a thing like that could happen. After something like this you could really believe that the rumors about the media brainwashing people are real

Shootin' the Breeze / The new saint
« on: October 01, 2005, 06:11:37 AM »
On  Italian newspaper appeared the news below

Since most of you are not  acquainted with the Italian language I will tell you what all this is about:
A Italian house wife was stricken with a very serious mental illness. She is able to name objects commonly used for instance but she is unable to tell you what those object are or what is their use. If you show her a pick of her husband or children she is unable to recognize them and this is valid too also for the picks of everyone  else ( she was unable to recognize even Napoleon) with three exception:Pope Woytila (but if he was not donning the pope dress she was unable to recognize him) Jesus Christ crucified and..Silvio Berlusconi that she was able to recognize correctly. She said: He is a very rich man, that owns a private network and he has success  in the political field.
There were very few instances of this. A Englishman with her same affliction was able to recognize Margaret Thatcher and nobody else. It seems that there is in ours mind a special"channel" that is able to perceive some selected piece of information even when the "normal channels" no longer works...and this has something to do with the media bombardment

Current Episodes / Re: Episode 262
« on: September 11, 2005, 05:24:15 PM »

Griffith : However, if Griffith want to join this war, I think he will try to save the nobles...again this is kinda strange since, if he want to help, he should not allow the familiars to attack the nobles before. I don't think he can predict that Guts will help these nobles. If there is no Guts, most of nobles will be dead by now. Therefore, without any confident only based on some reasoning, I think Griffith will not join this war.

Aside the fact that the familiars were Ganishka familiars and Griffith obviously can not know everything that Ganishka has in mind, ( if it was otherwise Ganishka would be a complete fool to defy Griffith) the killing of the nobles would play in Griffith favor leaving a vacuum in power... but if Ganishka should destroy completely the alliance then he could concentrate entirely on Griffith and I don't know if that would be an advantage for Griffith

Shootin' the Breeze / Re: Evil
« on: September 11, 2005, 09:13:18 AM »
According to you, who personify evil today? Post your photos!

Ohhh, I am very hard pressed to choose.
This one
I suppose :P :P :P :P ;D ;D ;D ;D

Current Episodes / Re: Episode 262
« on: September 11, 2005, 08:35:45 AM »

Hmm... so i should say Tempt or Prompt?

Anyway back to the topic, will Guts be forced to fight Ganishka or his minions for the next upcoming episodes? Since there is a high chance that his ship will be burned
Ehu Smith...what is Guts doing just now? Anyway Guts is useless to Ganishka like an ally. He(Good old Ganny) has already an army,his own plans and maybe an ace or two up his sleeve about whom we know nothing about.He decisively doesn't need one more sword, and beside that he has a too big ego to  ally himself with someone : slaves and minions: yes, allies: no

Shootin' the Breeze / Re: For anyone who needs a laptop!!!
« on: September 10, 2005, 05:40:30 AM »
As far as laptops are concerned, HP has pretty good professional solutions, and their customer service is good enough. Of course they're expensive, that's what makes the difference. Dell has been falling behind for years now.

I agree. I have one of them and it has nothing to envy to a desktop


Current Episodes / Re: Episode 262
« on: September 09, 2005, 07:22:05 PM »
Well, if the kushans are coming mainly from the sea, then that's where the battle will be fiercest. And I don't think it'll be easy to slip out by boat under the current conditions; at best, a ship trying to slip away now will be under heavy pressure...

True, but the ships are not the only way to escape from the city : You could leave also by land on your own feet, and Guts with some assistance by Schierke and friends should be able to open himself a way among the Kushans troops ( the Holy See Alliance Troops will be too busy to save their lives to be a hindrance- anyway, they too can get a taste of the Kushans medicine if they should be too troublesome)

Now that I think about it: Azan?

Current Episodes / Re: Episode 262
« on: September 09, 2005, 05:55:24 PM »
This is from episode 243 :

Daiba: But I'm worried about a sense of power...The power that annihilated the Harashiada group's wrath...############
Daiba: There shouldn't be anyone strong enough to be able to defeat Pishacha from the underworld on this land...########

Something surely is already worrying good old Daiba and "got his attention". However he did "sense" a unknown power so the thing that worried him was something more that Guts attempt to transform the croc men in purses and belt: Was it the power of Schierke or the power of the child (It seems unlikely that it was the power of the armor but it could be)?

And while we don't know what Griffith will do (surely if Sonja was able to foretell the attack he knows about it too and he is near-but he seems to be enjoying cakes more that fighting at present :P ) we also don't know if the child will  not be somewhat involved  (He is near too - even if he has vanished mysteriously he cannot have been able to go too far away)

Shootin' the Breeze / Re: Seven swords
« on: September 06, 2005, 11:17:08 PM »
Here you can find a lot abot the movie and the novel

Shootin' the Breeze / Re: Seven swords
« on: September 05, 2005, 06:32:43 PM »
I heard this movie is something like 4 hours long? Is that true?
I did enter in the theatre at 4pm. and I did exit at 7pm. I don't know if it was a cut version but I believe it was the integral one. The movie is 144 minutes long but there were commercials and trailers of others movies

Shootin' the Breeze / Re: Seven swords
« on: September 04, 2005, 08:10:38 PM »
I have seen the movie today and it rocks.It was In the last festival of Venice and now it is out in the Italians theaters.The storyline is about an emperor that wants to abolish the martial arts and has put a reward of 300 golden pieces that he pays for every single martial artist killed. The main villain ( a very cool villain) is the leader of band of mercenaries (yup like the hawks) that is specialized in destroying the villages suspected to practice the martial arts. At the beginning of the movie  we see the massacre of one of such villages. A mysterious martial artist seek to hinder the gang. Wounded he ends in the next village scheduled for destruction...

The movie is eastern style with fast and furious fights and while they are spectaculars they are not matrix style but the old fashioned martial arts way (think about the ultimate Bruce Lee) there are subplot and the characters are well developed psychologically, even if the best character is the main villain Firewind (or Wind of Fire)

Shootin' the Breeze / Re: Animated Conan Feature
« on: September 03, 2005, 11:01:17 AM »

What's more important, being Gov of the state of California, or hacking and slashing your way through tons of people?
What kind of question is this ?Slashing your way of course:Anyway you don't remain the Gov for long if you are not able to :P :P :P :P

Shootin' the Breeze / Re: Seven swords
« on: September 02, 2005, 11:00:03 PM »
Technically, there are eight swords in that picture. But whatever. :guts:
two swords (the Star-Rivalry  Swords )are considered like one how you can see from the link below :

Shootin' the Breeze / Re: Seven swords
« on: September 01, 2005, 11:04:00 PM »
I'm wondering if I should merge that with the "Imitations of Berserk" thread or not.
The movie certanly isn't a Berserk imitation:

Of "The seven Samurais" or "The magnificent seven" it seems more to me

Shootin' the Breeze / Seven swords
« on: September 01, 2005, 10:41:15 PM »
Look at this poster of the soon to be released movie "Seven Swords :

doesn't one of them seems familiar to you?

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