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Speculation Nation / Guts vs Griffith theory
« on: December 22, 2017, 10:00:55 AM »
Hello,I'm new to the forum but I wanted to share my theory with you.

I believe Guts will have to give up his violent emotions in order to stand a chance against Griffith.

We know that the beast of darkness came from his violent negative emotions.We also know that the Godhand exists everywhere where a large amount of negative emotions are concentrated.I believe the beast of darkness is some kind of manifestation of the Godhand's manipulation.We saw the beast forcing Guts to kill Casca.I believe it was the Godhand's doing because they know Guts will eventually stand a chance against them.If Guts wouldn't have been able to resist the beast,Casca would have died and Guts would have no other choice but to go after Griffith and die in the process.

Furtermore,Skull knight stated that to rival Griffith he will have to exist outside the reason of the world.He also said by being branded Guts made half a step towards existing outside reason.So I belive the other half of the step would be to give up his rage so the Godhand will have no control over him.

And also if we look at the first duel between Guts and Griffith we see that Guts was angry and Griffith was calm.At the second duel Griffith was the one losing his calm and Guts stayed level-headed.It was the calm side who won both times.

I don't have many proofs for this but I believe that Griffith's battle power is becoming more powerful the more darkness his opponent bears.We see him easily see him killing a bunch of apostles easily in the Eclipse and while fighting Ganishka he doesn't seem to be trying harder.Also Ganishka had immense amount of darkness in him after his second reincarnation.

If these two theories will prove to be true the I think Guts will almost be ready to face Griffith.He would also need the mages of Elfhelm.

I would like to hear your opinions and correct me if I'm wrong somewhere.


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