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It seems pretty simple to me. Guts pushed his physical limits in taking on enemies more powerful than him. He had to fight dangerously, recklessly, putting himself in precarious circumstances to get an edge over his opponent.

Well Guts has been saved by Skull Knight on a few occasions, and Zodd has too -- do  you mean something apart from that? Because that isn't exactly how causality works. It is not an active power wielded by god on a series of tight strings. It's a force that subjugates humanity by manipulating their subconscious minds over centuries. I suppose you could argue that because Guts was certainly instrumental in Griffith's rise and fall, it's likely that his existence is owed to causality, but I think relegating Guts' survival to divine intervention is going a bit too far.

Thanks for clarifying. I am rather new to the series and still struggle to catch on all details, even major ones like causality within this story.

That being said, I suppose I meant Guts had a role to play for Griffith, (Rise and fall) and I questioned if he might still have a role to play. However, him being branded might mean that he still can/cant play part of causality? Just speculation. I remember SK talking about how Guts was a "Jumping fish" in the river of causality.

Once again, I apologize if I got the concept wrong. Just trying to understand!  :farnese:

Anime Asylum / Re: 2017 Berserk TV Series (Season 2)
« on: July 09, 2017, 11:24:57 PM »
1997 was a good adoption but so far we havent got a "perferct" one

Wyald was removed from the 1997. Wyald only appeared in a the musou game lol

I also missed Wyald, as the encounter with him and Zodd is WAAY to important to ignore! Same goes with the "rather" recent trilogy of movies. Why miss out on great story and context?

The more and more I'm reading Berserk and to be fair I'm still on the Golden Age arc, but it seems like Guts style of fighting is frankly rather suicidal/ If I recall correctly Griffith mentions that he's fighting like a man who wants to die while simultaneously desperately trying to survive. I wonder what other people on this board thought, sorry if this has been brought up. Anyways my main question i suppose is, does Guts throw himself into these combat situations hoping to die, but somehow his ability and instinct won't let him? Or do you think he's a just a fairly reckless young man sometimes.
Thanks for reading.

Hello. I also found this interesting when re-reading Berserk. As Griffith mentions, Guts likes to go head first into seemingly impossible battles and challenges. It is clear that death is not his desire at this point in the story, but one have to wonder at previous encounters.

Another thing I couldn't stop thinking about, is how he succeeds when failure looks like the only outcome.. Maybe there is another force interfering to keep him alive? Causality/destiny?  :carcus:

Speculation Nation / Re: Serpico vs pre-eclipse Griffith
« on: December 30, 2016, 11:44:41 AM »
So this is obviously only speculation, and maybe even more fitting of the category of fan fiction.

However, I really enjoyed Skeletons view on how the IoE and causality technically would not allow Griffith to lose, or at least not take any fatal harm.
This would mean, even when facing a stronger and more skilled enemy, something would happen to ensure Griffiths safety up until the eclipse.

I have honestly never thought about it that way before, but it makes sense now. Thank you for the delightful insight!

Within the context of the story, Griffith would always win no matter how good or bad his opponent was thanks to the IoE.

TL;DR: Within the story's context, Griffith would never lose. Outside of it, Griffith would always lose.

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