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Video Games / Red Dead Redemption II
« on: October 31, 2018, 02:59:05 PM »
Figured this was worthy of its own thread even though the original Red Dead Redemption doesn't have one (I would have just continued that). Probably has to do with the relative exclusivity of these titles since we're a PC crowd, obviously.

So, after about a week the game is pretty crazy ambitious, and basically in no hurry to run you through some interactive Western film narrative. More like it wants you to truly inhabit and live in some alternate western reality; like some kind of west... world. :carcus: My running joke is that Red Dead Redemption III will just tell you to go outside because it's basically what they're trying to recreate. I'm starting to get dangerously addicted to it as I've realized the story missions aren't the point, the place is, so now I'm playing accordingly and starting to get lost in it. The only limit on this game's immersion is the dated GTA style user interface, as advanced as they've made it, it's still building off an almost 20 year old idea. Imagine if Capcom made a Resident Evil game where you could interact with everything, clean your guns, eat, sleep, drive, build barricades, etc but you were still using the tank controls from Resident Evil 2. On the other hand, it basically comes down to it still being a video game ("you have to use your hands?") and needing to do video gamey things like utilize limited control schemes to do a ton of shit and load or remove characters you're no longer interacting with, etc. It's like it's reached some uncanny valley of interactivity; it's trying so hard to be more than a game, and succeeding well enough, that it's clashing with the reality it's still a game and not real more than you'd bother to notice or care in most games, like GTAIII or RDR1 for example. It's like you're disappointed you're not REALLY covered in mud, or when you put skinned animals on your horse they just appear tied on instead of Arthur actually getting out and tying the ropes around (because sometimes things WILL be that detailed). I actually think I've only scratched the surface and there's going to be plenty more surprises, or... unnecessary details depending on your perspective. =)

Oh yeah, funny aside, it wouldn't let me name my horse Stardust, the name of a real live horse I've actually ridden on a trail, because of "profanity" (I'm assuming for the drug slang). C'mon, Rockstar, the fact that a profanity check exists at all in one of your games, let alone that it flagged something so innocuous, is ridiculously silly and mildly disappointing. :daiba:

The last time I ran into this was on Diablo III when it would let me use the Latin suffix -anus (not the body part, Blizzard :schierke:).

Anyway, if you really want to read a review that goes in depth on some of the things I'm just touching on here, this one covers a lot with a minimum of spoilers (if you've played RDR1), especially the first half where it sticks to the game and its themes rather than the meta implications:

Video Games / Your Top Games of the Last Decade
« on: August 13, 2018, 09:24:01 PM »
I went top three by year for the last ten years, but have it your way with your selection(s). Some of these are toss ups, including some not listed here, and I'm sure I'm forgetting some, but for better or worse...

2019 Resident Evil 2, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice*, Doom Eternal*
2018 Red Dead Redemption II, Spider-Man, Mega Man 11, God of War
2017 Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Hollow Knight, Resident Evil 7, Nioh, Horizon Zero Dawn, Sonic Mania, Tap Souls
2016 Dark Souls III, The Last Guardian, Doom, Hyper Light Drifter
2015 Bloodborne, MGS5: The Phantom Pain, Batman: Arkham Knight, Fallout 4, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Sword of XOLAN
2014 Dark Souls II, Shovel Knight, MGS5: Ground Zeroes, Mario Kart 8, Alien: Isolation, Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff
2013 Tomb Raider, Bioshock Infinite, Zelda: ALBW, Arkham Origins, Gone Home, Papers Please, Tiny Death Star
2012 Diablo III, Mass Effect 3, Resident Evil: Revelations, Resident Evil 6, Crimson Shroud, The Simpsons: Tapped Out
2011 Dark Souls, Super Mario 3D Land, Batman: Arkham City, Zelda: Skyward Sword, Mario Kart 7, Dead Space 2, Let's Golf 3D
2010 Red Dead Redemption, Fallout: New Vegas, Super Mario Galaxy 2, Mass Effect 2, Limbo, Cursed Treasure
2009 Batman: Arkham Asylum, Demon's Souls, Infinite Space, Plants vs. Zombies, FarmVille, Don't Look Back, Tower of Heaven
2008 Fallout 3, Mega Man 9, Braid, Dead Space, Barkley Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden
2007 Mass Effect, Super Mario Galaxy, Bioshock
2006 Zelda: Twilight Princess, Mother 3
2005 Resident Evil 4, Shadow of the Colossus, Doom 3
2004 MGS3: Snake Eater, GTA: San Andreas, Half-Life 2, WarioWare: Twisted!, Cave Story, Metroid: Zero Mission
2003 WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgames!, Mario Kart: Double Dash
2002 Zelda: The Wind Waker, GTA: Vice City, Resident Evil, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Metroid Fusion
2001 Grand Theft Auto III, Metal Gear Solid 2
2000 Diablo II, Resident Evil Code: Veronica, Zelda: Majora's Mask
1999 Chrono Cross, Resident Evil 3, Super Smash Bros., Berserk: Guts' Rage, Shenmue, WWF WrestleMania 2000
1998 Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Fallout 2, Metal Gear Solid, Resident Evil 2, Banjo Kazooie, Sonic Adventure, Kobe Bryant in NBA Courtside
1997 Final Fantasy VII, Fallout, Catslevania: SotN, FF Tactics, Star Fox 64, Shadows of the Empire, Blast Corps
1996 Super Mario 64, Diablo, Mario Kart 64, Super Mario RPG, Lunar: Silver Star Story, Pilotwings 64, PaRappa the Rapper, Duke Nukem 3D
1995 Chrono Trigger, Donkey Kong Country 2, Yoshi's Island, Full Throttle, Mortal Kombat 3
1994 EarthBound, Donkey Kong Country, Final Fantasy VI, Sonic 3, Super Metroid, Wacky Worlds, Mega Man World V, Noctropolis
1993 Sam & Max Hit the Road, Doom, Day of the Tentacle, Mortal Kombat II, Gabriel Knight, NBA JAM, Secret of Mana, Privateer, Duke Nukem II, Monster Bash, Star Wars Chess
1992 Super Mario Kart, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Mortal Kombat, X-Men The Arcade Game, Hook, Mega Man 5, Baseball Stars 2, Wolfenstein 3D, Star Trek: 25th Anniversary
1991 Zelda III, Sonic the Hedgehog, TMNT: Turtles In Time, T2 The Arcade Game, Mega Man 4, Duke Nukem, Base Wars
1990 Super Mario World, Mega Man 3, Commander Keen
1989 TMNT: The Arcade Game, Gradius III
1988 Super Mario Bros. 3, Mega Man 2, Blaster Master, The Guardian Legend, Battle Chess
1987 Mega Man, Zelda II, Metal Gear, After Burner, Blades of Steel, Dragon Spirit
1986 The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, Castlevania, Deadly Towers, Adventure Island
1985 Super Mario Bros, Gauntlet, Ghosts 'n Goblins
1984 Tetris, Duck Hunt, Excitebike
1983 Star Wars, Dragon's Lair, Mario Bros.


Movies, TV, Books & Music / Star Wars: Episode IX
« on: July 30, 2018, 08:09:06 PM »

So, the big news here is Carrie Fisher will appear in Episode IX after all from old footage, apparently shot during Episode VII (man, TFA and TLJ seem even more like two disparate productions). Hamill is back too for that matter, which I wasn't 100% sure about as ludicrous as I know that sounds (seemed like they might want to be rid of him =).

Anyway, a bunch of re-edited, re-purposed footage of Carrie Fisher sounds about as fraught as CGI really. It could be very awkward or lacking in the desired effect, "We've got this great footage of Carrie petting her dog on set but we'll CGI a throne behind her and make the dog Salacious Crumb (they reconnected as Jabba's Palace survivors #theCircleIsComplete)!" Like, are they going to try and have a climatic moment with her here, or just an independently context appropriate scene of her Generaling that doesn't necessarily address her departure? Sounds odd in any case. I was hoping they'd just do the sensibly classy thing and open the movie with her funeral (maybe honor Han and Luke while they're at it), but those are not the times we live in. It's hilarious to me that we're having this conversation at all and how you CGI somebody or not is the way to show respect to the recently deceased. We won't cross THAT line, but we will slap together a bunch of stock footage into a "performance" and probably CGI the Hell of it anyway. :schierke:

And since Luke Skywalker himself is officially "back" now, I'm wondering if J.J. Abrams will try retroactively redeem or improve his arc and its conclusion since he didn't really get a word on that by his own making, or, if he does even try, how dramatically:

Very Dramatic - Luke, or perhaps Luuke, is back as a clone for a total do-over; fuck Ep. VIII, Rian Johnson, and this trilogy as a narrative!

Moderately Dramatic - He's a fully present force ghost that's so heavily involved you'll hardly notice he's technically not there!

Less Dramatic - He's a supporting ghost that makes multiple appearances critical to the characters and/or plot.

Least Dramatic - A token sendoff ghost scene that tells the fanboys, "It's ok, I'm much happier as a ghost." :ganishka:

Worst Dramatic - He appears with Yoda and Leia at the end and Rey smiles at them in a finale scene lifted directly from RotJ. Oh fuck, that's happening. That's where they'll use the Carrie Fisher footage! Better yet, have every force ghost there, including both Anakins, like some massive fighting game roster, "We got every ghost back in this one!" :troll:

Kidding aside, I think just putting a bow or a cap on it at all will retroactively improve and wash out the unpleasant aftertaste of TLJ because it won't be the last word anymore, but will reinforce the power of those moments so they can be appreciated in a larger context. I'm not saying it'll be great, but it will no longer feel like such an instant death blow to the ole' childhood, just a mortal wound we'll get some necessary catharsis on here. :carcus:

Video Games / E3 2018 Reactions
« on: June 13, 2018, 03:52:40 PM »
I'll definitely play:

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Though I'm not as crazy about it as I might be (if it was DeS2, DS4, or BB2 because I'm a tool of established branding =). I'm just not that into the setting or aesthetic, though that may change. If it's that fun to play it won't matter anyway and will likely GET me into it. I'm glad it's not PS4 exclusive too, though I just bought one for Bloodborne and Bloodborne 2. :ganishka:

I'll likely also play:

Nioh 2
Doom Eternal

But maybe not, or right away. I guess Super Smash Bros Ultimate is exciting for Smash fans, but will Melee players actually stop swearing by Melee for it!? My guess is NO. NEVER! "THEY JUST CAN'T GET THE SPICES RIGHT!"

And the reason I really started this thread was to ask WTF is up with Death Stranding? It actually looks to me like MGSV but completely untethered from anything resembling the real world. Which may not be a bad thing! It's probably the game I'm most intrigued by after Sekiro, whether or not that interest translates into me buying and playing it.

Video Games / Favorite Video Games (Series)
« on: April 09, 2018, 07:28:05 PM »
The spirit of this question is a little more abstract than the practical phrasing, almost like which idea of an individual game, as represented by multiple iterations, are your favorites? Or, to put it another way, which of these are you always going to buy the latest edition of? It doesn't have to be on this poll, Metroid and/or Castlevania would be excellent selections for example (and I considered dumping some of the ones I consider shit games for them, but I figured there should be some objective criteria and representation in the poll =), and whether or however you vote I encourage you to list and discuss your personal choices in a reply. Here are mine:

Zelda - #1 in my heart and mind.
Dark Souls - It's basically 3D Zelda but hard. =)
Mario - Arguably everyone's collective #1. I went away from them for a while but came back strong, so even if I don't play them all and the flame wanes it will burn eternal.
Diablo - This selection is more an admission: My name is Griffith and I'm a Diabloholic.
Mega Man - The Blue Bomber is back, baby! We'll see if the new style of 11 captures the magic better than MM7 and MM8.


Resident Evil - This one sort of surprised me but I'm pretty up on the main series save for like Revelations 2. I'm not that passionate about it though (or so I think =), but as far as playing them all as they come this could easily be up there.
Metal Gear - Definitely fits the bill, but more or less defunct now, right?
Fallout - My interest waned a bit with Fallout 4, it's now more "would play" than "must play."
Mario Kart - I played them all, loved 7, but again, interest waning a bit after 8.

Honorable mentions:

Doom - The only FPS brand I care about, but very few and far between.
Final Fantasy - Love the classics (IV-VII, Tactics), might give XV a try under the right circumstances, but my interest certainly hasn't held up to the test of time as I haven't played one since IX.
Grand Theft Auto - Revived by my recent love of Red Dead, since, besides a quickly aborted attempt at V, I hadn't played one since San Andreas.
Donkey Kong Country - Played and love 1 & 2 like few others, but everything since has disappointed.
Mass Effect - If Andromeda hadn't been a bomb this could have jumped to the main list.
Sonic Again, love the early entries, not so much what came or is coming next.

Creation Station / What are you playing? (musical instrument thread)
« on: August 18, 2017, 06:08:57 AM »
My new (old) baby, a 1985 Gibson Explorer in Ferrari Red:

I've wanted another Gibson since my friend took back his SG after I borrowed it for years (I sort of assumed it was mine at that point =) and I finally got the one I've always wanted. It plays like a fuckin' dream too; no matter how loose or out of control you feel, like you're about to fuck up, it just seems to come out right! I'm thinking of calling her Christine. :zodd:

Or Robin1, Magnum, or just "the Ferrari." :carcus:

There's so many TV shows out there and more on the way all the time it's surprising we've gone so long without this (I think we've been stretching the definition of "watching" or "movies" threads =). I'll dispense with the "looking forward to" and "dread" formats since we can just say what looks good or not. First up, a completely perfunctory and ceremonial posting of the Game of Thrones season 7 teaser you've all already seen to christen the thread:

Ok, they're really going to wrap it up in another season and a half and then we can be done with it. Next.

The Orville, a Star Trek parody from Seth MacFarlane and all that entails:

Has potential given the inspiration's unlimited wealth of material to send up, but could also get old very fast if they stick to the same jokes.

Finally, holy shit it's Twin Peaks and only a week away:

I'd also post something for Curb season 9 but no trailer yet. Oh, well there's Larry's cameo in the Last Week Tonight trailer:

I specifically remember Larry saying he was leaning towards not coming back because he'd look too old and weird now, and I think he was right but it works anyway. =)

Movies, TV, Books & Music / Star Wars: The Last Jedi
« on: January 23, 2017, 06:38:16 PM »

Rian Johnson is already showing off superior writing skills with his Episode VIII title. Simple, elegant, and to the point (and at least *A* point), if a bit generic. My main critique is that if this wasn't already an old EU title, it sounds like it would have been (edit: yep, and so recent too, my favorite part is it was only called that because the other generic, Jedi-centric title the author wanted was already used lol).

The red logo with the title is a nice RotJ callback too, plus the obvious message that THERE WILL BE BLOOD (or cauterized wounds)! As everyone will note the title can be singular and/or plural as needed. I don't like it as a sign for Luke's odds of making it out of the movie as anything but a force ghost though. But, sadly, perhaps Carrie Fisher's death helps his chances if they need to transfer unfinished family business to him. On that subject, at some point I'd like for them to arrange a warrior's death for her in a major space battle or something, dying for the cause, and a viking funeral, rather than some of the nonsense ideas I've heard like recasting (get real) or cgi (gross).

In cases like this I feel sticking closer to the truth, she died tragically, is better than trying some unconvincing cinematic gymnastics to keep the dead alive. Let it work for the story and honor her accordingly rather than try swiming against such a powerful current.

Video Games / Nintendo Switch
« on: October 20, 2016, 02:44:44 PM »

Nintendo's new system is Switch, which, as promised, is an admittedly clever, if not brilliantly designed, portable home console combo. But is too clever by half (a controller) at the expense of the fundamentals modern day console gamers take for granted? On the other hand, will every casual player (and there's way more now) that bought a Wii and plays on a phone or tablet be able to resist this super gaming tablet that you can also plug into your TV? Will Nintendo satisfy both somehow and rule the world? We'll see!

I fear it's sacrificing the power to be a viable third party host again, at least for traditional game publishers, for the sake of it's design conceit, which may or may not be that important or appealing to people that want to play on the go versus in the comfort of home. It could be stuck in no-man's land; too complicated to cart around compared to a 3DS, phone or tablet (and likely in addition to having the latter two anyway), but not beefy enough for dedicated home use compared to the alternatives. But, there's a lot of shit in flux in this industry so maybe Nintendo is getting ahead of the game and has more tricks up their sleeve (there was talk of "NX" running on phones and tablets; maybe Nintendo plans to become Steam and this is just one box =).

Anyway, still, my stance for a while has been I'd prefer if they just made a PS4 that also plays Nintendo exclusives for the win. :ganishka:

News & Not News / Paris Attack
« on: November 13, 2015, 09:33:06 PM »

So, this is scary: reportedly dozens dead and potentially more held hostage as explosions and gunfire hit Paris.

For ongoing updates:

Shootin' the Breeze / Translation request...
« on: May 19, 2015, 05:50:28 AM »
Can anyone tell me specifically what all this says?


Berserk Merchandise / Selling my AoW statues ("Hawks" Guts, BS, and SK)
« on: January 13, 2015, 04:41:32 PM »
I finally gathered up some of my old AoW staues over the holidays and plan to sell them via eBay, or if anyone here is interested let me know. I have "Hawks" era Guts and Skull Knight in their original AoW boxes, and a Black Swordsman in a varient box (perhaps repackaged for American distribution). All regular editions. Anyway, there aren't tons of them on eBay so I'm posting this mainly to gage interest and a price point if I go the fixed price/best offer route. Let me know what you think, collectors.

News & Not News / 12 Dead in Likely Terror Attack In Paris
« on: January 07, 2015, 02:28:18 PM »

At least 12 dead, seemingly in retaliation for mocking Islam (most famously for running the Dutch Muhammed cartoon), gunmen still on the loose. I think the French people are going to do more than mocking after this, yet I hope somehow things don't escalate further. Hard to imagine though with the killers still out there.

Movies, TV, Books & Music / The Interview
« on: December 18, 2014, 12:12:03 AM »
So who's going to see this one on Christmas day, huh!?

Creation Station / Art Talk
« on: February 07, 2013, 10:38:38 PM »
Why don't we have a thread to talk shop about the world of art or just art in general? Whether it's the latest big thing or something happening right in your backyard, feel free to discuss anything relating to the art world here, including whatever ideas or projects you're working on. I'm looking forward to learning a lot.

Berserk Miscellaneous / Berserk: SPECIAL EDITION
« on: February 07, 2013, 10:14:58 PM »

Now that's more like how I'm used to seeing Guts dressed around Apostles!

         Imagine what if an unsatisfied Kentarou Miura went the way of George Lucas and someday started altering Berserk episodes years after the fact? Well, it might look something like the above, for starters. Of course, that's not all he might change, there's probably plenty of things he's come to see differently about the series or limitations he had to produce certain segments under (notably the early volumes when he had multiple commitments). In pursuit of an impossible perfection he might even go nuts and start redrawing the whole thing from the beginning! Probably not, but what sorts of things, big or small, specific or general, do you think Miura might go back and change if he were so inclined? You don't have to draw or edit anything, that's why I put this in a discussion section; it's food for thought. So just see what you can think of or better yet share something that's always stuck out in your mind and maybe one of our resident artists will bring it to fruition! One disclaimer though, while this is obviously a somewhat irreverent subject and all in good humor, nontheless try to remain respectful to Miura's work. Awkwardly cautious and mealy-mouthed nominations are welcome; we'll get the idea. :griffnotevil:

That said, here's a fix even Aaz can't shoot down (:daiba:):

First non-admin to call it out wins an edit of their choice. :carcus:

Movies, TV, Books & Music / Movies to ???
« on: February 02, 2013, 09:42:39 AM »
Let's try an experiment: I've been wanting to make this thread for a while for those movies and trailers that you... just don't know how to feel about. :???: The rules are basically that there's no rules, and the stakes are low since you neither have to endorse or denounce any upcoming films you post, just throw it out there.

A humble beginning with an indie movie that, as the thread implies, I'm not looking forward to, dreading, don't care about, nor will likely ever see...  Quentin Dupieux's Wrong.

I don't know if I would enjoy two hours of this forced weirdness, nor do I approve of the trailer trying to emphasize it's weird movie cred by referencing practically every famous weird film/maker, but for two minutes... sure, why not? In no small part because it features Eastbound & Down's own Steve Little, who is a fearless comedic actor (get naked, fuck a prostitute, and shave all the hair on your head fearless). Anyway, if I happened to see it, I'd guess that I'd get a kick out of it, or be annoyed, but in either case quickly forget about it. So... don't feel the need to check it out, but if you do, tell me what you think, or don't, because...

Movies, TV, Books & Music / SKNET Radio - Post random songs
« on: August 22, 2011, 08:35:49 PM »
Post 'em because you love 'em, hate'em, or you just don't know!

In the latter category, this Oingo Boingo "classic" came on my radio the other day and really made me think... WTF?

I think most people have already heard or heard of this song, know the movie or TV show, but just listening to it as a song now you realize... it's crazy. There's a lot going on here, it's frenetic, wacky, eclectic, and just plain weird both in instrumentation (though not so much for the 80's) and lyrical content, yet it manages to sound cohesive and... catchy, with a couple of different hooks that'll get stuck in your head for the right reasons. Oingo Boingo man, what else would you expect from a band fronted by Danny Elfman?

Well, probably not this. :ganishka:

Movies, TV, Books & Music / Blade Runner 2: Electric Sheep Boogaloo
« on: August 18, 2011, 08:49:36 PM »
Ridley Scott is partying like it's 1979!

The url says it all, but if you're not convinced here some additional sources:

If you're still not convinced... well, neither am I, especially that this is a good idea. Let's see if it ever actually gets off the ground, let alone crashes.

Anime Asylum / Hill of Swords AMV
« on: August 08, 2011, 07:39:07 AM »

<a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>

Nomad posted an original musical score for Berserk entitled "Hill of Swords," and I made a video for it. The track is also featured during the credits of BERSERK: RECUT. Enjoy, and if you haven't already show your appreciation for Nomad's wonderful tribute to Berserk in the original thread. Thanks once again, Nomad!


Companies have long used criminal background checks, credit reports and even searches on Google and LinkedIn to probe the previous lives of prospective employees. Now, some companies are requiring job candidates to also pass a social media background check.

A year-old start-up, Social Intelligence, scrapes the Internet for everything prospective employees may have said or done online in the past seven years.

Then it assembles a dossier with examples of professional honors and charitable work, along with negative information that meets specific criteria: online evidence of racist remarks; references to drugs; sexually explicit photos, text messages or videos; flagrant displays of weapons or bombs and clearly identifiable violent activity.

You know the old joke about how our Internet activity will render us all unfit to run for office? Well, that day has arrived! :troll:

Anime Asylum / Berserk Film Trailer (Black Swordsman Remix)
« on: July 20, 2011, 11:10:46 PM »
<a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>

Maybe I just can't let go, but don't you think this would have been pretty damn exciting with new animation? :guts:

Anime Asylum / Berserk Anime/Manga Comparison
« on: July 20, 2011, 08:07:58 AM »
Here are some side by side comparisons of the new anime to their corresponding parts from the '97 anime and the manga. Feel free to comment and add your own. Also, this is just for starters, compare them in any way you like or can think of; we're not limited to visuals here, and oftentimes the implications of the visuals are far greater than themselves or the superficial.

Thanks to Walter for the original Skull Knight composite.

Speculation Nation / What if Guts dies...
« on: July 12, 2011, 11:11:14 PM »
What if Guts dies in the armor before the series is over? Except it's not over. Would it matter if Guts died in the armor? I mean, I know it would matter, but would he be finished? Would it be the end, Vortex City? Otherwise, what would the implications be for his humanity? Would he simply be like a human spirit living beyond his time, or something more... sinister? More or less than human. As Flora once said to Skull Knight, "I want to believe that the heart of a man still remains within you." What would it mean for Guts, and what would you think of such a turn?

Site & Forum News / [April Fools] Goodbye cruel website...
« on: April 01, 2011, 04:10:01 PM »
I thought today was the perfect day to announce that I'm leaving FOREVER!!!! Seriously, I can't take it anymore, the correcting, the opinions, the snarky comments, the good-natured ribbing, the trolling, and most of all... the elitism... I'm just too good for it... You're all a bunch of mean cyber bullies and I hope you end up on the cover of Newsweek... I can't live inside Walter's dream any longer, to be his true friend and gain his respect, I need to turn up the drama and leave in a huff... I mean, I don't even like Berserk, I just wanted you guys to be my friend... that's why I chose the name Griffith because everyone in the anime liked him... and that's where you guys really let me and ultimately yourselves down... you just don't kiss and polish my ass enough... make me feel special... I mean, I'M A GREAT GUY! What's your problem? What more do I have to do for your unconditional love and affection?... In short, basically, to sum up.... I just don't feel loved enough, it's not really anything I can put my finger on... but you blew it... You took me for granted, and now you're going to lose me... That's right, I'm taking my ball and going home... and I'm not afraid to say it myself, but will never be the same without me... Yep, you won't have Griff to kick around anymore... No, don't try to stop me, really, don't embarrass yourself and turn this into some overblown spectacle... I know you probably want me to wrest myself away by my sword, but can't we just smile and say goodbye?... I don't want this to be some kind of big deal... really, don't give me a touching outpouring of attention and tell me "plz don't go! :sad:," that's not what I desperately crave, that's not why I'm doing this post and possibly reposting it on the other boards... I just didn't want you guys to worry when you never heard from me again... alright, I'm going now... really... good bye guys... don't feel sorry for me... it's not my loss, it's yours. I love you all, but... I choose me. :casca:

-Griffith, signing off :griffnotevil:

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