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    Supposedly funny edited pictures

    I go away for a couple of months, and you all let my favourite thread die... Shame on you all.
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    Who is the worst father in Berserk?

    *duh* I never caught on that his dislike of being touched was over the Donovan thing - I thought it was more of an "I hate everyone" thing.
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    A one-eyed swordsman?

    As has been pointed out in other threads, Guts has rebuilt his tactics to rely on the cannon, and without it he'd probably fight just as effectively in a different way. And on the quick death comment - you've probably seen this before, butötz_von_Berlichingen -...
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    Berserk (PS2) Music Video Tribute (FMV & Ingame mix)

    Damn, just when I was beginning to get over the fact I can't find anywhere to get my PS2 chipped...
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    Adventures in YouTube
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    Griffith or Ganishka, which one are you rooting for?

    I still hope that Guts catches the guy *right* before achieving his dream. I can visualise it now; Griffith is about to be crowned the King of Midland, when suddenly Guts throws of his cunning Princess Charlotte disguise and cuts him clean in half (whilst still wearing half a dress). I'm going...
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    Where are you from?

    Cambridge, in the UK. I know there's at least one other Berserk fan in the area, because the damn books are always selling out before I can afford them, and someone bought the second Skull Knight figure in Forbidden Planet. Grr. :SK:
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    Replica of one of Guts' early swords

    Thanks for clearing it up for me
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    Griffith or Ganishka, which one are you rooting for?

    Good point. So I suppose, a more interesting question to ask would not be "Would Griffith survive the destruction of his human form" but "In the event of the destruction of his physical form, what becomes of his astral form?" Do even the Godhand get dragged down into the Vortex when they die...
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    The New Picture Thread

    On location in St. Petersburg, for a series of Revolution-themed photos. This is me taking a quick break to refresh my knowledge of Russian photographic law. And this is me in the studio - yes, from time to time, I do the bitch work.
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    Any fighting game fans out there??

    I've won a couple of local tournaments in Soul Calibur, but I'll be damned if I'll acknowledge the existence of number 3. Splitting Knightmares moveset between two characters? Sinful! My two favourite combos are now impossible, because each of them got HALF of the necessary moves... grr. Also...
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    Your Game of the Year 2006

    Armored Core: Last Raven gets my vote. I'm amazed they still release this series in the UK, considering the lack of demand... but hey, best Mech games ever.
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    Movies To Look Forward to

    Hot Fuzz is well worth seeing. Some of the scenes are shockingly well filmed, and the over-the-top action sequences are hillarious.
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    Death note

    Yeah, Ryuk did look a bit dodgy. Still, his reaction to finding out he can't eat any apples was priceless! Think I might have to have a Ryuk halloween costume this year.
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    Griffith or Ganishka, which one are you rooting for?

    Even if Ganishka did win, would it be the end of Griffith? Or would he just return to being Femto all over again?
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