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    behelits, anyone have them?

    Re: Beherits, anyone have them? I've got the bright red one on the necklace(not darker one, I prefer mine anyway) for about 15$....
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    Berserk Tattoo

    What about a contact that had it on it..... :guts:
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    Casca Hawk Soldier Exclusive I

    Wow, I hope you got a real one too, I would think so that when a bit over 700$ Wow :isidro:
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    Happiest moment in Berserk

    Ok, so a time when a character was happy, very well, I say when Gimmpy is granted Grifftih, or when Yong Farnese sees the 'heritic burning'. yea... Ok? :serpico:
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    Happiest moment in Berserk

    Ah yes, sorry I thought that it was asking what we thoght was the happiest moment in berserk, and this being a subjective quality I make my own judgement... And if its about what part was happiest for the charaters, then I'd say Mr. Gimpy was happy as hell to get to play with and study griffith...
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    What does Miura spend more time on?

    And it makes you wonder sometimes what if he got hurt or died? Yea, I think the time spend drawing or thinking would vary per episode....
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    Happiest moment in Berserk

    For me it was when Gatts and Serpico fought on the Cliff, that was when serpico first showed his other side(opended his eye(s)) And that was so great it truly cemented my admiration for this charater.... :serpico: Before that I realy liked when Zod threw his sword to Gatts....
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    A Berserk Music Video That Used Manga Scans

    I agree with the common sentement that the vid is alsome and the song is not so great, and I've been playing many different songs to it. So has anyone found some songs they realy like with it?
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    Griffith's face

    I am confident now that due to his physical state and eyes being closed that at first Gatts thinks that Griffith may be dead.......YEA! I think that's probably it.... :serpico: Indeed everyone likes gimpy....
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    Who is the sexiest girl?

    :beast: True that.... I like in her kinky moments.... Also, Charlotte is pretty nice.... :serpico:
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    Battle Angel Alita

    That DVD is rather expensive these days.... :judo:
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    PS3 and XBOX 360

    I'm hardcore with Playstation so its PS3 no question, I almost got a gamecube last time the new systems came in....but returned it just in time- a good choice I think...
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    A wallpaper I made today

    Nice, My new wallpaper also! :serpico:
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    Where to get Berserk TCG?

    AH! Yes, thank you very much! After I get a few I may inquire about your doubles.... Thank you very much :guts:
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    Where to get Berserk TCG?

    Is the only place to get the Berserk TCG here: Is there any other way? :judo: Thanks
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