Displaying Berserk Art & Merchandise


Babaracus said:

now I have better pictures from my dragonslayer enjoy them :guts:

Whoa! That's a really nice setup you have Babaracus! It's a like a shrine to Berserk. The chains holding up the Berserk sword put that extra little touch!

sovel said:
Finally arrive: Berserk a to Zodd Houma no: 70 LE a Locus Houma no: 46 LE

Nice Sovel! That Berserk Locus looks so pretty.

Theoden said:
Guys, I just received my Headlong Bust.

I am a happy man ^____^

Yeah that bust looks really sick. Definitely take pictures and share when you have it painted!
Thanks guys :)

Theoden: woouw congrats, as Turkitage say, you totally must post painted photo:) and you painted statue myself, or put to artist? and how much you pay to kit? for my idea ... if I one day want buy this ...
@ Sovel :

Nice!! they are great statues you ve got there! Congratz

@ Theoden:

This bust is truly amazing... I really want it with the Grunbeld Bust. But don't worry, we won 't be in competition on it ...

I ve to grab some others statues before :slan:
Yes yes The Beast of Darkness is right. Sorry guys, like I said in my topic I won't tell the price, please respect that.
I will for sure post pictures of the bust when I'll get it painted, not by me obviously, I don't have the stuff to handle this kind of painting.

So I will look for the best painter in my area.

Cheers :slan:
So I got the Guts & Casca statue from the cover of Vol 13:
(Pics are linked to my fb so hopefully they work)

I had to make them "safe." Luckily Puck was able to help out.

I told myself I wasn't going to buy anymore and then they decided to release this! :ubik:
congrats! nice statue, now I see Casca face is trully little ugly but still complete statue is great ... this is my second wish statue :)
Haha nice censorship, thanks for posting pictures. AOW emailed me about shipping mine over, so I should have it soon. That black cloth/ material inside the box adds a nice touch. Maan, just got reminded how awful Casca's face is.
Just got mine too. Feel kinda bad for never posting any photos so here goes. Sadly I only got my cellphone camera so sorry its not top notch quality. Notice my sweaty hand? :ganishka: And yeah, if you lean your head and look really close Casca's face is pretty much terrible, but as long as you don't do that it actuall looks alright imo.

Hanma_Baki said:
(Oh and to whoever wanted to buy this, I gotta say I won't be selling this, not anytime soon anyway, sorry and good luck)

Lol, nasty pervert :slan:

I ll receive mine at the end of december.

And YES, this statue is trully AWESOME (except Casca face : but I really appreciate her body :beast:)

Thanks for sharing !!!

Here, just few pics (bad quality) of my battle of Doldrey :slan:

This Guts on Horse is amazing!!!
That is the cheapest packaging u can ever have. Lots made in china 5$ goods are using these kind of cloth packaging.

It is so small compare to that hand.... ...
Im now at the work computer and now I can see the size of those jumbo photos properly, sorry about that guys, first time I tried it, didnt know.. Try and zoom out your browser to get a better perspective...

Stardustgatzu said:
Lol, nasty pervert :slan:
Stardustgatzu said:
...but I really appreciate her body :beast:)

Stardustgatzu said:
This Guts on Horse is amazing!!!
Indeed, but its too big for my shelf to be displayed. Speaking of which, I just realized I wont be able to display the last re-paint til I move to a bigger flat...crap.

andrewdsz said:
It is so small compare to that hand.... ...

Tbh I thought it was gonna be smaller, with all the negative critisism everyone threw at it when it was announced and all. I have to admit Im especially satisfied with it on that point. Think my "Kingdom of Falconia" gotta be samller, dont remember the scale on that one though.
Haha! I got mine right in front of vol.13 too. I was a bit worried that it might not have been "the right way" to display it at first but now that I see another member do it too its kind of a relief :serpico: The idea originally spawned from limited space at the book section though.
Guts battle for doldrey 1/15 old ver. with casca bust no 197

rest berserk statue ready to sell :DDD

quick shot my One piece coll

Tomorrow I make a better pohoto :) Old version of course not detailed as new version ... but I think still nice piece
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