E3 2013


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E3—2013 Edition
June 11-13, 2013

It's right around the corner folks. And while there are no times scheduled for the big press conferences yet, there is already big news about what to expect... or rather, NOT expect at the upcoming show.

Nintendo isn't hosting a big press conference this year. Instead they'll do smaller shows, one for distributors and one for the press, closed doors to everyone else. Also, no live-broadcast show for all to see.

The initial analysis of the decision has been that Nintendo is inherently admitting that it has nothing to show that wouldn't be swallowed by the wake of the impending announcements to come from Sony and Microsoft. Understandable. It also allows them to save a chunk of money as a result. But, I think this is a pretty critical time for the company to generate excitement for the Wii U. This is a huge missed opportunity to showcase what makes the console special and worth investing in. So far, they haven't done that. And Nintendo Direct only has so much impact... I think it's a pretty short-sighted move, and bound to merely continue the current sales trend of the Wii U, which is pretty dismal at the moment.

Things to look forward to at this year's show:
-New Mario for WiiU
-More on Zelda 3:2 for 3DS: Hopefully the world isn't truly a carbon copy of the original's
-Will we finally learn what Retro Studio has been working on?

-What will make this console unique?
-Will it truly be "always-on" ? And what will that mean for its viability?
-What games is it aligning itself with?
-How closely will its features align with PS4? True parity or a third tier?

-With hardware mostly out of the way, will they totally slam dunk this show with a huge showing of games?
-Will Kaz Hirai come down on the stage from a crash-landing zeppelin, while petting a cat and walking away as everything explodes behind him?

-What's Respawn been working on? (Former CoD creators, allegedly working on an online, sci-fi shooter)
-Will Square reinvent itself with a bold new game? (haha, no)
-What trend will the new age of consoles usher in? Services? Enhanced AI? Graffixxx?
-Will Blizzard finally show off Titan? (No.)
-Half-Li- (No.)

Post your own expectations.
Walter said:
-Will Blizzard finally show off Titan? (No.)
Blizzard hasn't participated at an E3 in years. If they were to announce Titan it would be at a Blizzcon. I will definitely watch Blizzcon this year to hear the Diablo 3 team further elaborate on the outcome of the loot system and auction houses.

I can't imagine any better way to get people to flock to the PS4 than Microsoft announcing an always online requirement. I hope this idea dies faster than Qwikster.


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My predictions? A focus on "gimmicks" and social media integration, as well as a way to curtail used game sales. I don't believe the xbox rumors will all prove to be true, but I wouldn't be surprised to see our fears manifest in some form with the new console.

E3 just isn't what it used to be - in its current form it is essentially an enormous tradeshow for investors. Mark my words, we're going to be seeing a lot of selling points that internet-savvy gamers are either indifferent about, or outright annoyed with. This is all about the industry trying to convince itself that it can bring about another surge in growth. Whether it ends up being true....


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Attention folks, this is my annual "No Last Guardian at E3 Post" Other than that, Sony killed Microsoft there. Versus being FF15, KH3, playable used games and no DRM, this is good.


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Sony fucking domination, like no other E3 I've ever seen. Amazing.

Seriously, why the fuck would anyone bother with the XBONE at this point...?

Sony's revolutionary tutorial on how to share games. :guts:


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Personally, I was impressed with MS lineup. They really put up a fight with literally almost zero talk and just a list of games. However, this whole always online ordeal along with the 499.99 tag screwed it up. And keep in mind, that I lean more on the Sony side. As for PS4, they played it well... But not as exciting in the AAA games as many I would assume expected. Their indie game selection however was impressive. I'm hoping they continue this momentum and stay true to their word.
Maxwell said:

Sony's revolutionary tutorial on how to share games. :guts:

I thought it would be something sarcastic but wow that was way better than what I was expecting.
So PS4 in my country is 288ls ,while xbone is 417ls ,with this reason alone I might get PS4 next year. FF looked fantastic,you just gotta love that used video game instructional video :ganishka:

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This is probably the best E3 I've followed since 1996-1998. I love the Xbox 1 but the PS4 is simply affordable console wise. This won't have me siding with Song however. I will simply probably end up getting both. I own several PS3 games, but being honest the PS3 to me was a failure. It launched way over priced, it didn't break any boundaries, and honestly I feel 360 was more user friendly. I think Sony has learned a hard lesson. I would have never considered the 360 if Sony delivered like they did with the PSX, PS2, and PSP.

Here is the Stand outs for me:

Xbox 1
-Dead Raising 3
-Metal Gear Solid 5
-Spark (Really enjoyed the demo)

-Kingdom Heart 3 (Should have been on the ps3)
-Final Fantasy...XV (This should of been a ps3 game a long long time ago.)
-Great Price

I'm not sure how many of the games Xbox 1 reveal will be multi-platform like Dead Raising and MGS 5 but will Arkham Origins and Dragon Age be multi-platform? The always online aspect doesn't bother me. Because I'm not poor and every time I log into Xbox live...my god...I'm online. So, nothing really changes there for me. PS3 has INSANE UPDATE loading times. NEVER HAD THAT PROBLEM WITH 360. When it comes to resells I think its real debatable who gets a bigger cut. Gamestop is shit, and pre ordering is a con game. I never once...ever had to pre order a game. I simply go store shopping for a title I want. No game in the last decade has SOLD OUT to the extent that I wasn't able to get it. (Unless is some sort of special edition) Best Buy has always had the new titles I've wanted. Consoles however, tend to be a different story. I remember a 2 month wait to get my hands on PS2. So in time I will probably have to pre order a PS4.

I think in time Microsoft will budge a bit on the resell aspect of things. I don't think it'll be as catastrophic as people are making it out to be. I simply hope this generation is more economical for game developers. Whom won't go out of business because one game didn't sell. Then again, perhaps a developer shouldn't put so many chips down on just one game.
I think i will buy the ps4, good price and none of the 24h online verification process. I believe most games microsoft showed are multi platform. So it depends on the companies how they keep handling the consoles after launch. Lets first see how the xbox will be received when it is actually available.
I wouldn't really consider MGS V as big part of XBONE event since it's still a multi platform game and also will be on PS4 and old consoles.
This was fun to follow, but I probably won't invest in this coming generation for a couple of years still.

I do think the PS4 will have a better launch though.


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Lukis said:
I wouldn't really consider MGS V as big part of XBONE event since it's still a multi platform game and also will be on PS4 and old consoles.
Same goes for most games nowadays. I haven't read anything about Final Fantasy XV being a PS4 exclusive.

I haven't had the chance to watch the Sony conference yet, but it seems to me that its biggest advantages are the no-DRM deal and the price. The DRM is all about the big third party developers (EA, Activision, Ubisoft), so down the line I'm not sure it'll amount to much more than hype maneuvering, but no zoning is great so props to them for not budging on that front. The fact you have to get a paid subscription to play online (much like for XBL) is regrettable but then again if that can help raise the quality of the PSN, why not.

As for the price, MS could always swallow the price difference if they feel they have to, which is what I expect them to do.

On paper the PS3 seems to be having a really nice end of life. That's almost what would be the most alluring to me at this point. It's really too bad the PS4 isn't backward compatible... Would have made it a sure-buy for me.


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Aazealh said:
It's really too bad the PS4 isn't backward compatible... Would have made it a sure-buy for me.
Same goes for me. I never bought a PS3, (or an Xbox 360 or a Wii) so I would have liked to buy a PS4 so I can play all the ps3 games I wanted to play but never could at a cheap price. I did win a Vita awhile ago though, so I might still buy a PS4 so I can get some use out of it :ganishka:. I bought a Wii U awhile ago and im playing some Wii games that i never could. Im looking forward to seeing the Nintendo stream. so far my Wii U has been nothing more than a regular Wii with the lack of Wii U games. :azan:
I think this is one of great strenghts for PS4 ,it won't be fully available at launch probably but still...
''The PlayStation Cloud service with Gaikai is also being used to allow you to play games from previous generations. Sony intends on rolling out the service in phases, but the plan is to allow backwards compatibility via streaming over time. The service is slated to work with PS4, PS3, Vita and some smartphones and tablets.''

I'm going to watch Sony press conference now to truly see what they've got up their sleeves.
Here's the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DmoZAPDV3ew on Playstation channel

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Song has made Vita and PS3 very cooperative with each other apparently. I'm hoping PS4 will do the same with a PS3 in some aspect. I have my PSP linked to my PS3, it would be nice that all my Sony products interlock to a good extent.

I'm also kinda secretly hoping that someone does some innovating in the 3D realm of things. Its not a huge lose, but I think if done right it can heighten a game experience. Like playing a baseball game, the ball gets pitched to you and comes at you. Small stuff like that would be kinda cool. I know a lot of that type of stuff is really up to the HDTV innovations currently. I always wanted to do Wii sports in 3D, sadly have never had the chance.


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Guys, the most important thing is that MEGAMAN WILL BE IN THE NEW SUPER SMASH BROTHERS!

Also, the Nintendo lineup seems pretty cool.


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Everybody knew that Megaman was going to be in Super Smash Bros.. Even so, I must admit it was cool to see him in Super Smash Bros! :serpico:


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I was thoroughly underwhelmed by Nintendo. I do not see great things ahead for the company at this rate.

Using Retro for a fucking downloadable Donkey Kong game? What'd that company do to offend their higher ups anyway?

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frankencowx said:
Kingdom Hearts III coming to xbox one.... very... interesting. I guess there's a first time for everything?
I figured both KH:3 and FF:XV had a good chance of being PS4 exclusives. I don't blame Square though, they pretty much starved themselves with mistakes with the FF franchise. Might as well reach out to all platforms. Cool, if they were to consider porting KH: HD REMIX to 360 or something in light of this. I would like to see some of the high tier Square PSP games get ported to the PS3 as well.
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