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At this site you can turn any image into a multi-page printout poster to put on your wall. Free. The potential is amazing.

Turn your favorite image into a poster and blow it up to the size of your room's wall. I plan on turning one wall into Golden Age, one into Lost Children and one into Millennium Falcon, choosing one image that fits each era. I'll post pics when I finish it.


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It's interesting, though I can see some limitations to it judging by the examples they show (no color, white squaring, and it seems to be designed to make wallpapers rather than posters ;D).

I'd really like to see how it'll turn out with Berserk images however. I've been planning to make a 1x1.3m high quality color poster myself, I'll post pictures of it when it'll be done.
This is certainly something worth looking into. About 6 weeks ago I printed off the cover of volume 27 and stuck it on my wall, wouldn't mind adding a few to "Berserk" the room up a bit more.
Rasterbation......society-deemed normal.....its fun, clean, safe!


Well Walter, I got to say thanks for the link. I did a test black and white image which consisted of 30 pages total that i printed free at school( ;)), then I cut/taped together to get the following image:

bon apetite!

And ill post another pic when i get a color image of berserk rasterbated/printed......
Damn, I cant stop rasterbating! It's great, like free is another image I "rasterbated", its consisted of 42 pages(6x7) that i cut/taped together to get the image:

my next project is to take another image, but this time in color, get it printed somewhere like at copy max for a couple of bucks. Nonetheless berserk wallpaper.


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This is great! Thanks alot walter. Once i find an image i need on my wall then ill post it on here. This is exciting, great find


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cool, the results you got look good. I have some single page pics of farnese on my walls. Gonna try a giant one like that now too.
Basically the solution to the resolution problem seems to be:

If you want a relatively small sized poster 4x4 pages, 4x6 pages, etc. Choose a size that is double or triple that. Then shrink the images in a photo editing program, juxtapose them, and print them out.

I have not tried this yet but plan on doing so.
Walter said:
Is it really a problem? That's how it's supposed to look.

It's a problem if you want to put a Berserk image up and don't have space for 30x30 or some other huge size. It's also a problem if you want to use it as the basis for doing a vector-based version of the image, for example.
I know this topic is from thousand years of tipping ago but i had to reheat it.
@Aaz and walther how did it turned out?
I'm moving to Berlin to study and i wanted to use the rasterbator method to embellish my walls. How did you mounted them on the wall? And which would be the best images from berserk and vagabond to rasterbate. questions over questions. When i got my apartment done i will rasterbate and of course post it :) I saw a good method on ikeahackers



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kaimera said:
@Aaz and walther how did it turned out?
If you look at my post closely you'll see that the poster I got was not made using rasterbator. It's not even really a poster, since it's printed on hard, thick material. See below.

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