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Hello everyone!

I am happy to join the community of SkullKnight as of today even though I just recently discovered Berserk. I found the second season on the summer anime list and thought about watching the first season before but thank god (or Mozgus) I used google and checked if there was any other media to start with first. After a colleague recommended me to give up on the current adaption and watch the 1997 anime first I gave it a try. I couldn't stop watching it so I finished the whole anime in one day. And yesterday I finally catched up with the latest chapter! I hope to share thoughts on this site with other users about the next chapters in the future. I also heard about the many hiatuses Berserk had in the past and I am afraid I will have to endure them as well. Everything about Berserk just feels so amazing for me to read or watch, especially the art is something I have never seen before in any media. I might even watch the 2016/2017 anime soon. I usually prefer to watch the anime instead of reading a manga but I would consider myself a big fan of Jojo's as well.

Another thing, english is not my native language and I am a self-taught learner. So please be gentle with me if my english is not very good.


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Hello SkullGirl and welcome to our community. :)

We're glad to have you with us, although I should point out that we put a big emphasis here on supporting Berserk's author by purchasing his work and not just reading a shoddy version of it online. Aside from contributing back to a work you love, purchasing the manga will also have the big benefit of lessening the amount of misconceptions that arise from bad translations, which are unfortunately rampant when it comes to Berserk.

I would also discourage you from viewing the recent anime adaptation, as it is really not good.
Thanks for your reply!

I know that the support is important and I am already saving some money to get myself a few volumes in the next week. I don't know if supporting the official release in my own country will help that much, but I think it's definitely worth to do so. The ending of the 1997 anime left many questions open so I wanted to know what happened as soon as possible. In the future I hope to support Miura by always purchasing the latest volumes. I might as well get the movies.


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SkullGirl said:
I don't know if supporting the official release in my own country will help that much, but I think it's definitely worth to do so.
It does! It lets the publisher know there is interest in the series and then they keep paying the rights to print it. :guts:


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Welcome Skullgirl, I hope you enjoy discussing with us!

The hiatuses can probably be intimidating for a newer fan, but I guarantee you that it's always worth the wait. Coincidentally, you happened to join during a period of monthly releases, so you'll have time to get used to the idea. :ganishka:
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