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Two new Farnese & Casca icons here for you today.

First up, this icon of Farnese desperatly trying to protect Casca from the attacking trolls. Behind that, in contrast, you can see Farnese as she was before joining Guts and growing as a human being. It's in letterbox format for a more cinematic experience. ;)

Next, a personal favorite of mine. =) Farnese telling Casca to get on her groove thang with that big ass of hers! I would have letterboxed this too, but it seems more like something you'd see on Showtime.


P.S. Any new icons I create I'll post in this thread from now on.


My posts are better.
Made some new avatars.



The Kelpie

The Ogre

God Hand

And here's my old Guts avatar.

That's all for now, if anyone has a special request for a Berserk avatar, fire away.



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Wow, nice job Griffith. But where's Morgan in that avatar? I only see Isidro and Puck? (or is he that thing in the bottom of the pic?) ???


kimchan said:
Wow, nice job Griffith. But where's Morgan in that avatar? I only see Isidro and Puck? (or is he that thing in the bottom of the pic?) ???
agreed. how can that icon be named "Morgan" instead of Isidor?
maybe it is Griff's joke.

and how about trolls and real Morgan?

*** I do like the Kelpie. She(only to me) looks so innocent and neat.


My posts are better.
Okay, what we have here is...

Some Trolls on the warpath for all you Troll fanatics out there.

And by popular demand...



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Man, that Kelpie reminds me off Joe Camel.... I dunno why. The picture also makes me think that the Kelpie should be smoking as well. 8) Remember kids, smoking is only for cool people and Kelpies.


My posts are better.
Got some old unreleased stuff and a couple a new icons for you today…

First the stuff I did a long time ago but was too lazy to upload because who really cares anyway?

Cinematic Guts in the rain shot. =)

Guts looking haggard.

A slightly warped picture of Guts with Beast imagery in the background.

Serpico showing off.

And the Void that was Walter’s icon for a while.

Now some avatars that were unreleased for a reason…

Kickass 70’s Disco Void

70’s Pornstar Skully: Bone Knight

70’s Griff, stoned out of his mind. There goes his ambition.

And last but not least, Zoddo questioning his sexuality.

Finally, here are two brand new one’s

I finally broke down and made a Morgan icon.

And here’s helpless and brooding Serpico.


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Can anyone make me one from the manga where guts was standing in yurius' room b4 assassinating him? I have it on my comp as a background but have no way of hosting it as an avatar.


Yah, somebody said so, I don't remember who, like, its weird cause I can't seem to remember what it was all about. Do you guys have any idea?


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Hell said:
wow, that guts is amazing ^_^
Your avatar is pretty sweet too.
Here's an old Guts I made but forgot about:

Going once, going twice...? Who will take it first?


Time to kill ;D
Thx, I love my avatar :D (if not i don't use it ^^U)
But all these avatars are amazing, and the one with skully fuckin is a lot of funny ;D


Time to kill ;D
Cool Slann, but better if the bOObies are in the image, right? ;D
Hm.. y see like a error in the picture, a line under the nose. Do you see that or i'm the only one?
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