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Nothing too fancy for me. I've cobbled mine together from various parts over the years. The current parts date back to 2014, but the video card is relatively new: i5 3570K (3.4GHz), 8GB DDR, Radeon RX 560. I run most games at 1080p, the max res for my monitor. Seems to do fine.


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What's important to know, I guess:

AMD Phenom II X4 965 3.40 GHz
8gb RAM
ASUS R7 250X

Not a great thing but it is what it is. I bought some stuff for it over the years but I got most of the things from friends that upgraded their computers and gave me what they didn't use anymore since I don't have a good job and I'm not in a good spot to spend much money on this kind of stuff.

Anyway, you can stop reading here but I want to share a story about my pc:
I found my computer case on the street as I was riding my bike to work. It was in great shape, I was surprised to see it just standing there. I told myself "If it is still here when I get out of work, I'm taking it home", so I did. I cleaned it really good, and replaced the case I had that was not suited for gaming, it was one of those old 90's white cases with no air, it was an oven! Anyway, I was lucky and inside the case there were 2 working coolers. That was a good day.

My friends call my PC Frankenstein's monster, because of all the parts from different PCs I gathered through the years.
I have a laptop. Asus with Intel Core i5 7200u, Nvidia GeForce 940mx and added 4GB of RAM so basically I have 8GB of RAM. Currently I'm waiting for prices drop in graphics card and processor market and then I'll build new gaming rig.

I know that I know :)

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Finally got my new pc

Gtx 1070 overclocked
16gb of ram
3.5 GHz going to overclock to 3.9 ghz at some point
currently have a 1080p monitor 75 hz

only 250 gb of storage though :judo:

Finally I can run minesweeper at a smooth 60fps :guts:
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