SkullKast 114: Magic (Vol 25-1)


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Episode 114 - Magic (Vol 25-1) (1h 22m)

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The battle at Enoch village begins, and we get our first glimpse of what real magic does. This Seven Samurai-esque volume establishes the place of magic in Berserk and demonstrates how it matches up with Guts as the focal point of the action in the series. In the mix is of course the ogre and who can forget the donkey frog?

I never noticed that Gut's sword was on fire after Schierke summons the Four Kings, that's a really unique detail Miura sneaks in there. Also, I liked the name "Invocation of Arcana", sad to know it is not the best translation. I'm also glad to hear that meat is back on the menu. Thanks for the pod SkullKrew.


Voice in the Void
A lot of small details in this Volume that I missed like the words used in Schierke's invocation or the gore on the Dragonslayer burning because of it. Very interesting episode!
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