SkullKast 135: Refugees on the Western Sea (Ep 370)


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Episode 135: Refugees on the Western Sea(Ep 370) (1h18m)

The aftermath of the island's sinking hits the crew, though many mysteries remain unclarified. Meanwhile Guts stews about his sword and how it has failed him after being a trusted part of his way of life for so long. Join @Walter, @Aazealh, @Grail, @Gobolatula, and @Griffith for our latest attempt to parse the Berserk continuation for salvageable morsels.

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By the way, those are absolutely chicken wings they're selling at the Berserk Café. Crab wings?! Woke up this morning and I don't know WTF I was going on about. :ganishka: I swear I wasn't drunk! Might need to get myself checked for early onset dementia though. :flora:
Thank you all for your discussion, as always! Hearing others that are rightfully disappointed in aspects of the continuation grapple with and make peace with it is always relatable and helpful for me. Most other places/videos I watch come off as obnoxiously positive, like they're afraid to criticize it for fear of backlash. I'll always be grateful for you guys, thanks for keeping it real!
Well, this was definitely the most depressing episode of the podcast since the continuation started, not that I don't understand why. Hearing you guys spitball what could have been stings a lot, because it always sounds so much better than what is actually in the episodes. Having the focus on the sword shift to a focus on Casca could've really sold that scene 100x better. Agh.

Looking forward to the chapter review or reread next month, could stand to go back to Miura's material.